Saturday, March 24, 2007

Walk from Queen Anne to Fremont to Wallingford (3/23/07)

While the Fremont Bridge is being worked on, the 17 bus is dropping people off at the base of Queen Anne Hill and folks have to walk across. Here's a photo of the Aurora Bridge from the Fremont Bridge.

Here's the pretty Fremont Bridge itself.

And here's the rocket, right above my favorite spendy little clothing shop, Les Amis. I saw a really nice Burning Torch cardigan in there last night, but it was $565.

The Fremont Library. Most neighborhoods in town have gotten brand-new libraries in the last few years, but looks like Fremont got to keep its cute old one.

I think that the colors in moss may be my favorite colors of all.

Pretty much everyone in the mid-northern neighborhoods of Seattle plants Euphorbia. I'm totally fine with that.

There's also a lot of rosemary everywhere. Again, no complaints here.

I think this is the same sedum I was admiring last weekend at the nursery.

Wallingford has great views of Lake Union and downtown.

There's not much scumminess to be found in Wallingford. This is a very typical old Wallingford house. Appealing!

You're not likely to find this kind of care and attention to detail around Beacon Hill, unfortunately.

I love how they used this beautiful old door as a gate (sorry about flash). Thank you, Wallingford homeowners!

The property in Wallingford is getting too valuable for some of its buildings. Wonder what's going on here (I didn't see a land use sign). At least they're keeping the tree, or so it seems.

Don't be too sad. Whatever they just tore down had hideous aluminum siding. Not the modern kind that doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is, but the kind with fake wood grain and long, sloppy seams.

Let's hope this construction won't be as offensively inoffensive as those hideous new-ish buildings across the street from it.

I wanted to keep taking pictures, but my battery ran out.

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