Saturday, April 14, 2007

Birthday Rocks

It's my birthday next week. I think I am going to buy myself some rocks for the front yard. On the way to the rockery today, we passed this scummy yet appealing building.


I think this rock is going to be my new yard furniture. It's about the size of a love seat.


And I'd like to put two of these columns at the south end of the yard.


Happy birthday to me!


chuck b. said...

Happy birthday to you!

chris@whidwood said...

Happy Birthday, from me too! Looks like your rockery is in Woodinville. Since you were so close, did you visit Flower World?

I have a huge native boulder in the middle of my Cistus. A professional gardener friend told me it would probably cost $25,000 to have a rock its size delivered, so for the longest time I tried to keep my rockrose trimmed so that my 25 thousand dollar rock wouldn't disappear.

chris@whidwood said...

BTW, the Cistus became too much to keep up with, although you can still see the top of the rock. And I'm sure the dollar figure has grown with each telling of the story and over the course of several cases of wine.

JvA said...

Wow. A $25,000 boulder. You, my friend, are a rock star!

Yeah, this rockery is in Woodinville, but I did not go to Flower World. I've never been there.

The rockery charges $185 for delivery of up to 12 tons anywhere in Seattle.

Chris@Whidwood said...

Flower World is a one of my favorite nurseries, and is located just north of Woodinville, in Maltby. It's worth a trip.

$185 for delivery seems like a great deal, and my friend Sam was obviously wrong. (It's funny, though, he came up with some huge figure because he'd just been boulder shopping.) My rock was probably discovered when the foundation for the house was dug.

Rocks are great garden accessories, and I hope you get one for your birthday.

chuck b. said...

Okay, your birthday's over. Get back to work! Time for a new post.