Monday, June 4, 2007

Georgetown Music Fest

Saturday a benevolent Georgetowner offered up some free tickets to the Georgetown Music Fest, so I went and checked it out with a friend of mine and her 1-year-old. We arrived early in the day; I assume it got more crowded in the evening.

I've shot this fennel before!


Compare (from an April 28 post):


The Wired soda girls were giving away free samples.


Suddenly I'm reminded of the Mudhoney song "Keep It Out of My Face."

They say you got it
I've seen you got it
You got it, you got it good
You've got it, you can keep it
That's right, I don't want it

You give it away like free samples
But I don't want what anyone can have
You've got it, yeah, you got it
So what?
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face
Keep it out of my face


Compare (a still from a Super 8 my dad shot at Disneyland in the 1970s, originally posted here):


Pale folk in sunglasses drinking beer.


I bought one of these shirts. I may wear it to the City Council hearing -- where I will support Richard Conlin's zero-waste strategy over the construction of a new dump in the heart of Georgetown -- on Thursday. I also want to try to make it to DWR for First Thursday, as my friend Luca will be showing this lamp of mine (also first posted here) at a juried exhibition in the store.




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Jennifer said...

I want one of those t-shirts! Awesome. I'm sorry we missed this event. I'll have to make sure we catch it next year.