Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rubaiyat: Handmade Custom Shoes

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend of mine who works as a clerk to one of the cool state Supreme Court justices. We talked about the law, as we usually do, and she mentioned that it had been a hard week, with all the overturning of precedent by the federal Supreme Court. She said the decision limiting school districts' ability to racially integrate schools was particularly surreal, as it struck down law that she had helped draft, and the majority opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts actually quoted words she had written.

But this post is not about the future of our nation, it's about shoes!

As I walked down James Street to meet up with her and her husband, I passed a storefront with a bunch of funky shoes. Sort of Cydwoq meets John Fluevog. Naturally, I had to stop in and take a closer look.


The husband-and-wife proprietors told me that all of the shoes are custom and handmade. It seemed too weird to be true, except he was sitting there making a pair of super-intricate boots.

He told me it was the last day of a sale -- $100 off any pair, plus a free fitting.




Oh, yes.


They're custom, so I could choose any color, toe shape, heel height, heel style, etc. I selected a less fanciful heel shape and decided to get them in a brickish red.

I pick them up on July 12. Fun!

From some random website:

Rubaiyat -- Extraordinary hand made shoes by Louis and Melinda ... Their artisan studio is located at 219 James Street, Seattle WA 98104. Hours are Monday to Friday 9:30-6 PM, or call (206) 551-3986 for a Saturday appointment.

On the subject of shoes, this may be my all-time favorite YouTube video:


chuck b. said...

Yay, shoe video. There's a four minute version too, apparently.

I would like to buy more shoes too.

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

there is also a website:

check em out!

Raul Ojeda said...

I'll be on the rainy city nov 13-14. i would love to see your place.
i make shoes in hollywood, i figure i come and meet some peers.

Anonymous said...

Rubaiyat Shoes has moved their business and workshot to Sausalito CA and now make the shoes there. They also will be opening a retail location in San Francisco soon. The Website is

Research Papers said...

Thanks for the video.

Melanie Figueroa said...

Did you ever get the shoes? Review please.

Melanie Figueroa said...

Did you ever pick up the shoes? Review please. I met this couple today in Ft. Worth and am considering buying from them. Thanks.