Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Week in Review

Sunday, dinner in Tacoma.




Midweek, some hydrangeas.


Today I passed a guy on the street and thought, "Where do I know him from?" By the time he got to the other side, I realized that he's Seattle City Councilmember David Della, the one who seems to be running on the platform that he grew up on Beacon Hill. Personally, je ne give a damn pas.


Tonight, a friend's house on Capitol Hill.


She just got back from Chicago and brought a bunch of cicadas, which only come around every seven years, apparently.


Lovely backyard.



The family down the street has a political sign for Tim Burgess, Della's opponent. I asked the guy if I could take a picture of his sign (for a future "Ceanothus lovers for Tim Burgess" photographic series perhaps?), but he said the sign wasn't his. Oh, shame on the Burgess campaign for planting signs in front of people's houses like that. (Yes, city property, but under their care.)


Update 7/28/07: I contacted Tim Burgess and asked him if he condoned the placement of signs in front of people's property without their permission. He said he most definitely does not, and he doesn't know how this sign got there. I asked him some other questions too, and I need to think about his responses (which were admirably prompt).


chuck b. said...

Interesting about the sign placement... The amount of political signage in Seattle surprised me the last time I was there.

Although it wasn't exactly worse than the situation in San Francisco. Personally, I don't like "too much" signage, esp political stuff. There are always sooo many people running for office in SF and endless, endless propositions. The signage is off the hook, imo.

Back to Seattle, it didn't occur to me that the candidates (or their workers) put 'em up everywhere. I figured the neighbors did that (some of whom are doubtless campaign workers). In San Francisco, I think it's illegal to take down a political sign legally posted on public property. So, what if the property owner wants to take that sign down? Seems like would be fine.

JvA said...

Yes -- the dude (or his gardener) has to mow that corner; I don't see why he should have to deal with that sign in the way.

Anonymous said...

Cicadas! Are hers still alive? Tell her not to let those suckers out. We moved from here to Cincinnati the summer of '03, and that was the year of the 14-year (or maybe it was the 17-year?) cicada. Seriously, they were everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE. First, our yard was covered with holes -- big holes! who knew? -- from which they hatched. Then, once hatched, we would walk down our neighborhood sidewalk and they would crunch under your feet. Eew, indeed. The trunks of trees were covered with them. When we went outside at dusk, they were so loud we could not carry on a conversation with the person talking next to us. And then, when they died (hatched?) we would have to sweep their shells (skins?) every night. It was disgusting, to be honest. I was pregnant that summer and literally spent it entirely inside because being outside with them made me gag.

So there, that's my cicada story.

JvA said...

A plague of locusts! Did you do something to make God mad? :)

My friend's cicadas were definitely dead.

Speaking of gross, I ate horse meat last night. It was really good, though!