Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beacon Hill Restaurant Space for Lease

Could someone please lease this space and open a cute restaurant on Beacon Avenue? Remember that there's still nowhere to get a decent glass of wine in this neighborhood.

I can't believe we're headed into fall with this space still empty. I'm going to need a drink, people.


8/4/07 update here. (Thanks for the tip, Susan!)


Susan said...

De-lurking with what I hope is good news. It's not a restaurant, but yippee! Culinary Communion is moving from W. Seattle to the Hill. Gabriel and crew are outgoing, enthusiastic foodies, and should be a welcome addition to our already great cultural mix. Maybe a wine bar will follow. Visit them at

Jennifer said...

I was logging on to say "Amen!" to JvA's desire for an eatery, but now I'll just say "Yipee!" Can't wait!