Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cool Fence

Last night we showed up late to a friend's afternoon housewarming party. She's a reporter for the local NPR affiliate and she had invited some coworkers to the party, so all evening I was trying to figure out who some of the other guests were by the sound of their voices, which I hear every day.

Phyllis and Josh have a cool old fence in their new backyard.




Nice built-in seating.


I also really like this, oh what is it called -- the decoration at the top of a wall.



This company should add a parenthetical to their registered trademark "Comfort Where You Want It":



We text-message another friend who lives up here in the north end to see what he's up to. He writes back and says he's searching for his favorite edition of the Federalist Papers. But when we arrive at his house, we find evidence to suggest he'd actually been sitting on the couch watching "What Not to Wear."


Update: This party ended up being featured in this week's Stranger:

Phyllis Fletcher's housewarming party Saturday, August 18, had a sad subtext. When the KUOW reporter's colleagues gathered in her new Phinney Ridge home, most of the conversation was focused on the news that KUOW's longtime on-air host Ken Vincent quit on Friday afternoon after a heated argument with KUOW Program Director Jeff Hansen.

I briefly talked to Ken Vincent by the keg. I recognized his voice and asked him if he was a radio dude. In a not particularly nice way, he said something like "Not anymore." I couldn't figure this out because I knew for a fact that I recognized him from KUOW, so I just let it drop. But now I know why he didn't seem too happy to talk about his work at the station. I'm sad he left -- I liked him.


arajane said...

I feel the need to rise to Chris's defense and let the world know that it was me, and not Chris, watching What Not to Wear. He has, in fact, been searching relentlessly for an edition of the Federalist Papers, and I have been doing my best to balance out the intelligence levels in this household.

JvA said...

Oh, but it reads so much better if the person looking for the Federalist Papers was the one watching What Not to Wear. I was riffing on the truth.

Anyway, since you're reading a book a week, you shouldn't feel bad in indulging in What Not to Wear, a show that I've watched a half-dozen episodes of in a row before.

Rosalie said...

Ha! That's the toilet paper I brought as a housewarming gift. HA!