Saturday, August 11, 2007

MBH to Georgetown: We'll Be Back

Today's the first full day that many lanes of I-5 northbound will be closed for maintenance work for two and a half weeks, starting at, oh, just about where my house is.

Much of the traffic will be diverted to Georgetown to the west or Beacon Hill to the east.

Residents of these neighborhoods will have a hard time getting anywhere, I think. I've been moping about how it's going to be really hard for us to get to West Seattle to get to the gym, or to Georgetown to go out for dinner.

Yes, we could walk, but the walk to Georgetown is a shitty walk. The freeway overpass -- the only one that allows for any pedestrian traffic for miles around -- has a narrow, unprotected sidewalk on which you feel like you're a tiny little vulnerable piece of meat making your way through and across a noisy sea of, what, 9 or 10 lanes of concrete and exhaust. Neighborhoods separated by the interstate are not designed to be friendly with each other.


So last night we drove down to Calamity Jane's to say farewell to Georgetown for the rest of the month. The owner, Sarah Arugete, and a waitress with beautiful tattoos up and down her arms got me a couple bourbons with ginger and lime to ease the transition. Apparently she's concerned about us Beacon Hill residents abandoning her for the duration of the freeway project. From the latest Beacon Hill News:

Arugete's main concern is that the predicted bumper-to-bumper traffic along Airport Way will prevent her regulars from getting to the restaurant.

"I'm frightened because I'm afraid that the streets will be so blocked off that no one will want to come down from the neighborhoods, and so many of my customers come from Beacon Hill," said Aruguete.

Could those of you who have to drive through Georgetown anyway because of the freeway project please stop in and fill our table (the two-top by the window in the bar) while we're stuck at home for the next couple weeks? Order the grilled figs for a starter and the baked peach for dessert -- you won't regret it.


chuck b. said...

I want a bourbon with ginger and lime. Ginger ale?

JvA said...

No, though that would be good.

Come to think of it, I was drinking lemon, not lime.

It was bourbon, fresh grated ginger, soda water, and lemon juice. There may have been some sugar in it too, but not a lot. On my request, it was very, very sour.