Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why No Starbucks on Beacon Hill?

Because people don't always believe me when I say there is no Starbucks on Beacon Hill -- a huge Seattle neighborhood from which you can actually see the Starbucks corporate headquarters -- I'm posting this shot of a Starbucks store locator to prove it.

The pink X is the crossroads of Beacon Avenue and Columbian Way, essentially the center of Beacon Hill (and one of the scummiest intersections in residential Seattle).


Don't get me wrong -- I'm not campaigning for a Starbucks store. Beacon Hill is well-served by the adorable Galaxie cafe and Java Love.

But it's just weird that our city's homegrown coffee behemoth is avoiding us the way you'd avoid a loud schizophrenic on the bus. Do we need to take a shower?


Jennifer said...

Seriously! I've often wondered the same thing. I mean, Rainier Ave. gets four (b/w I-90 and Orcas, anyway) and SODO has, what?, two? And we don't get even one? Doesn't make sense to me either. But I'm also fine with it.

In naming BH coffee shops, you forgot Lonely Sisters on 15th and Oregon (caddycorner from McPherson's). Honestly, I think she (Marci I think is her name) makes a much better Americano than Galaxie (his is too weak for me). Just a personal preference. I also like the Sisters because, as she gets so many Mercer students, she has loads of fun candy -- Blow Pops, sour gummy worms, Lemonheads, etc. Visiting her is always a treat for my two boys. Have you tried there? You must give it a try!

Also, I tried that Blenders Coffee and Tea shop, which is one of those 'scummy' shops at Beacon and Columbian (I've mean to respond to your comment about the crap at that intersection and I will do that soon). Anyway, the young woman working didn't even know what an Americano was! I've since heard that it's pretty much a bubble tea place (whatever that is! still haven't tried that yet).

On a totally unrelated note, there is some good news floating around. The building on the NW corner of 15th and Oregon that houses Beacon Hill Foods and the former Christian Restoration Center has been sold. The word is that the new owner is going to knock down the current structure and build a multilevel building with first-floor retail and condos above. In my opinion, this can only be an approvement. The rumor floating around was that the Red Apple was going to move down there in that space. Not true (duh). But they (the Red Apple) are going to remodel soon and make their wine section larger (like the Pormenade Red Apple at Jackson and 23rd). I'm excited about this change too.

OK, sorry for the rambling long post!

the paper noose said...

You can have G-town's s-bux. In all seriousness, the grocery options are fantastic up on B hill. I bet a tour of them on your blog would work wonders for us river rats down here.

Marci said...

Six adjoined blocks with no bux.
Can it be? Amurica? 2007?

Even the Green Zone in Baghdad has three--Count your blessings!

Marci in DC, (where no
two blocks go unStarbucked

Indie said...

I LOVE the fact that we don't have nor need a Starbucks. That's what makes Beacon Hill a true neighborhood and an original residential community that did not get caught up in the clogging up of corporate businesses. Much props and kudos to the Ma and Pa shops on Beacon Ave S.

Back In Beacon Hill

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