Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Tribute to Not Martha (and Misc.)

This post will end in a tart little tribute to Megan of Not Martha, a neighbor of mine down in Hillman City. A few days ago she mentioned my blog in a post and increased my site traffic by 200%. (I think I did that math right. It was three times as high as normal; therefore, it was an increase of 200%?) But first I want to post some random photos I've taken in the last few days.

Part 1: Identifying a Bird

Ever since my next-door neighbor killed every plant in his backyard last weekend, I've been seeing lots of flickers, little ground woodpeckers that are common in Seattle. They're digging all the newly exposed soil.


It's about to go check out the trash pile, just like I caught another neighbor doing the other day. He saw me spot him, and then he did this cute little semaphore to try to indicate that he lived across the alley and that I had met him before, and then I gave him a big smile and thumbs-up. "Please, take it all!" is what I wanted to convey.


OK, I hope that is actually a flicker. Math, ornithology -- I'm already out of my element, and I haven't even gotten to the part where I cook something in the oven.

Part 2: Looking at the Sky

Sunset (with birdshit). This is why I don't want to move out of this house. I love the big sky here.


Part 3: Drinking Wine

Tried out a new wine bar on Madison. St. Germain sells a 375-ml bottle of Sancerre.


And a bunch of other stuff. Nice.


Part 4: Thinking Hard in Cute Shoes

Friday afternoon my friend/coworker Julia and I went to a brainstorming session on a rooftop deck of a fancy apartment building downtown.

On the way, we passed this funky planter set.


We also passed a sex shop with a cute Harry Potter window display.


The aforementioned rooftop deck.


And one of the aforementioned cute shoes. The ones I had made at Rubaiyat.


We came up with lots of good ideas up there on that beautiful afternoon with that nice French wine.

Part 5: Making Plum Crisp (Hi, Megan!)

I think I've already mentioned that Megan of Not Martha lives right down the hill from me in Hillman City. She found one of my Georgetown Castle posts and linked to my blog. I told her that I love her blog, but all her posts about amazing brownies made in S-shaped pans and the like made me feel bad about my lack of culinary talent.

She e-mailed me back with some sweet, encouraging message, and anyway, here I am today turning backyard plums into ginger plum crisp.



I need to find an appropriate genre of music to listen to while I try to do this.



Um, no.


Absolutely not.




David Bowie -- good start.


The dough tastes really good. I put a lot of ginger in it.


I love this song!


Looking good...


And done!


It tastes even better than it looks. And I think it looks fantastic. The purple and yellow melt together into a glowing red-violet, one of my favorite colors. Yum.



chuck b. said...

Okay, good. I was about to write, "Dude, everything okay?" But I'm drunk and I'm watching The Cruise. Is it okay if I comment tomorrow?

You know you're my favorite blogger, right?

JvA said...

Chuck, I'm glad you like my blog because, as I've mentioned before, it's a ripoff of your blog (pictures of plants, descriptions of the neighborhood, admissions of drinking too much wine too often, etc.) except with more narcissism, less wit and charm, and zero horticultural expertise.

When I discovered your blog at the start of the year, I knew it was the best blog ever. I loved your tours of the neighborhood with pictures and comments about people's front yards. You presented these beautiful little peeks at other people's choices without being too invasive or disrespectful (for the most part).

And that's what I wanted to try to do here -- bring attention to beautiful things (OK, and also not-so-beautiful things, and also weird things, and also downright scummy things) around the neighborhood (OK, and also around the state, and also in Oregon, and, OK, in Canada too).

And now I'm trying not to let a little bit of attention to this blog (kind words and links from you, Not Martha, Seattlest, etc.) spook me too much. But when thoughtful (and by that I don't mean "considerate" -- I mean "characterized by or manifesting careful thought") bloggers like the Paper Noose call me out as a source of information about Georgetown, I start to feel some responsibility to post about things that are more consequential and interesting than what I'm eating and drinking that day, you know? (Though I did update my tags so people who want to skip all that shit can ignore posts only tagged with "feeling good.")

But I haven't made anyone any promises here, so I guess I'll just continue to let the good times roll. Cheers!

Robin said...

That plum crisp was amazing! Gingersnap-o-plumyum.
We hope to see you guys again VERY soon.

megan said...

Oh wow, thanks for the tribute post, I'm blushing. I'm jealous of your view (we're thoroughly valley-bound down here) and the plum crisp looks amazing.