Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two Tartes Bakery in Georgetown for Sale

Sad to see them go, but it's a great opportunity for someone to open a Hangar Cafe-type deli right there in the thick of things. Especially now that Georgetown is passing the tipping point of too-cool-for-school on over to frat-boy-friendly. I really started noticing it about a week ago -- Jules Maes was filled with guys in black trousers with button-up shirts tucked in and girls with designer jeans and Gene Juarez blond highlights. Where did these people come from? Not Georgetown or Mid Beacon Hill, I can assure you.

With the recent Sabey announcement about the demolition of the Stock House (and their coming announcement of the construction of something that will appeal to more than the couple thousand local residents), Georgetown is now officially a destination neighborhood.

Georgetown is the new Fremont. South Park is the new Georgetown. But Mid Beacon Hill is still just a bedroom community wasteland.


Jennifer said...

Damn! Do you really think so (your second and third paragraphs, that is)?

What it is going to take to get BH on the map? JvA I'm so glad that you are getting these issues out there.

I keep thinking that my trash pick-up is the right contribution, but I know that it's not (help).

JvA said...

Yes, I really do think that Georgetown is now a destination for partiers. I haven't been collecting examples to prove this point, but when I look back on the last several months, I'm remembering times when I wondered "WTF?"

For instance, this spring I went to Stellar on a Friday night and was startled at how crazy-busy it was. By the time we'd eaten and were leaving, I noticed that some asshole had parked his Hummer on the sidewalk right in front of the patio area.

This ridiculous vehicle was not only blocking the entire sidewalk, making it dangerous for pedestrians to pass and impossible for wheelchair users to do so, but it was also blocking the entrance/exit such that it would have hindered customers from leaving the building in case of a fire.

Two years ago, when the neighborhood primarily served locals, only motorcyclists parked on the sidewalk. Now that it's party city, I'm afraid we're going to see more assholes in Hummers descending on Airport Way on the weekends.

A couple weeks ago, the Paper Noose blog pointed out that Georgetown will soon have multiple places where you can buy a pizza, but zero grocery stores where you can buy the ingredients for a pizza. Which must make it the least livable of any of Seattle's destination neighborhoods.

JvA said...

As for Beacon Hill, I think the north end might get some amenities in the coming years (is Baja Bistro still the only restaurant with a bar?), but I don't see anything happening south of the golf course.

The intersection of Beacon and Columbian has remained shockingly scummy over the years.

There's the gas station with the signs on the pumps saying that you have to go inside to pay, then the signs on the door saying that you can't bring more than two kids inside at a time. (Is that even legal?)

There's the parking strip with the Rent-a-Dump-Shed trucks using the public space as free ad space by backing up their trucks right over the struggling shrubs. (Is that even legal?)

There's the dry cleaners with a laundry list of Seattle's most noxious weeds growing on their roof.

There's the "supermarket" that doesn't even sell beer.

And there's the little market that sells the worst banh mi in Seattle. (So sad. I love banh mi.)

I haven't seen any hopeful signs for us yet. Have you?