Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

This is what our yard looked like two years ago:




We took out bamboo, juniper, a couple of random trees, most of the ivy, and a huge, dying willow tree that was about to fall over. (The comments in the photo below are from a document I sent to the city when I was battling the neighbor over the arborvitae that he planted in our yard.)


We also took out some random metal poles that had been part of a gymnastics setup for the kids of the owners of the house in the 1960s.


We trimmed the massive laurel and the apple tree, which were reaching into the utility lines.


You can't see it, but there's a juniper under all that bindweed, ivy, and blackberry. (There was another one too, but I'd pulled it out by the time this photo was taken.) It used to cascade down over the rock wall, completely obscuring it.


This quince has been replaced by the Eucalyptus. Those weeds have been replaced by bare dirt.


We got rid of this stump too.


And this mess of bamboo and that other thing, which was too close to the house.


The yard looks very minimal now in comparison, but it will fill in and it will look good.

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chuck b. said...

It would have been cool to plant something in that stump. Well, I've always wanted to do that.