Thursday, October 18, 2007

MBH Goes to Capitol Hill

After unsuccessfully trying to coax my Wedgwood friend to meet me in Columbia City, we settled on Capitol Hill and went to Smith.


I recognized K and J from the Capitol Hill Seattle blog at the next table and chatted with them for a bit.




And I think Dan from Seattlest was there too but I wasn't positive. (As it turns out, it wasn't him.) I sort of wanted to ask him if he had gone to Sabey's part of the Landmarks Preservation Board meeting earlier that day, but I also wanted to just drink, which is what I did.


femurface said...

Those are some great photos of Smith. I've never been able to get enough light. Also, I don't want to try too hard. It wouldn't look cool. Very important while at Smith to look cool. I'm sure that you looked cool, though.

steph said...

JVA always looks cool, in my opinion.