Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Georgetown in the NYT

Since three people forwarded this to me today, I think I should mention it. Georgetown was mentioned in today's New York Times. The article's about some rock star chef (I mean "underground restaurateur, impresario and provocateur") who burned some bridges in Portland and is setting up shop here in Seattle.

THE meal was open to just 40 people. They had to sign up before they could learn the address, that of a vacant bank in this city’s industrial-chic Georgetown neighborhood.

I spotted my coworker Heidi in some of the photos from the Times.

Lucky her! The meal looks great.


chuck b. said...

Just speaking for me here, but the whole foodie thing has gone too far. I'm bored.

uppergeorgetowner said...

agree- this is completely lame.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it seems a lot (most)of the people have lost sight of eating for life (aka decent QPR) replacing it as eating for sport, in lieu of someting to talk about. They have nothing to say. Good blog though.