Saturday, December 8, 2007

Georgetown Holiday Art Walk

Hopefully you all heard about the Georgetown Holiday Art Walk, which is going on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 8 and 9, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. I neglected to post about it (and loads of other things) because I never have much time to myself in December.

We left our car up by Hangar Cafe and walked down to Stellar to start the walk on that end.

Georgetown Pharmacy.


I'd guess they no longer sell Polaroid film.




The following photo is terrible (lumpy shadow, squinting, overexposed subject), but I'm including it for a reason I'll explain later on.







I believe that's my favorite Sedum, "Angelina."









The guy who runs this place is the walking definition of curmudgeon. I let him chase me off last time I tried to take a picture of the building because I want to respect people's wishes (even when they're kind of mean), especially when they're old-timers. But since this one is from across the street, I think it's OK.


The Corson Building guy should have a volunteer cleanup weekend, then repay everyone with free meals. I want this place to open as soon as possible because I know it's going to be amazing.



OK, enough of the walking, now on to the merchandise.

I failed to take a photo in the Georgetown Art Center, where I bought a beautiful faux fur hat from Angielena.

We were tempted by the very lovely wares in Totally Blown Glassworks, but since we already have a dozen pieces of glass made by a friend who used to run a glass shop, it wasn't too hard to pass them up.

Next stop George, where I chatted with Kathy about a 4.5-hour hearing at City Council on Thursday and the very best pizza place in the Northwest, Apizza Scholls in Portland. Next time we're down there, I will try to get in (apparently it's packed every single night). A coworker of mine swears it's worth the trip to Portland just to eat some pizza and come back.

These belts are from Erica at Steel Toe Studios.


Arturo (wearing my hat since I just got a new one) bought a new J. Fold wallet and put all his stuff in it.


I forgot he carries a bunch of photos of me and him in his wallet. I sure love that man.


The Rat City Rollergirl Sockit Wenches are selling a pin-up calendar! I need to figure out who to buy this for.


I also failed to take photos in Georgetown Tile Works, where I was thrilled to find one of the Mike Poetzel art works that I admired at Georgetown Old Skool Carnival and Artopia back in June. It's an image of Airport Way from the same vantage that I'd just taken this crappy photo an hour earlier.

Again, the crappy photo:


And here's the photo I took of Mike Poetzel's art back in June:


Anyway, I bought it (hurray!) and asked one of the owners, Shannon, if she happened to know if Mike still had the airplane one that I loved. She had her husband Bruce give him a call to ask. Here's the photo I took of it back in June:


I crossed my fingers and waited.

And after hanging out in Fantagraphics for a while, I got the call from Shannon, saying that she'd located Mike and got the airplane picture (vinyl on PVC) that I wanted.


I feel so lucky to have them both.



Oh, and I got this amazing little print too.


Thanks, Mike, Bruce, and Shannon!


Jennifer said...

That's so cool that you took that photo of the art piece. Too funny. Smack on too.

seagrrl said...

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos, but you should write more! I loved your post about Beacon Hill: What's to Like?

rebjones said...

Congratulations on your new art! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Mike's work. Good on you for supporting him. I will have to ask him if he will make the print into a larger piece...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... so YOU got the cool hat I wanted from Angielena! She and I talked for a long time...

I also picked up two of the glass letter holders from Totally Blown.

And - maybe best of all - I got Jo Jo Stiletto to sign my Rat City Rollergirls calendar!

So don't worry... you and I purchased at alternate locations, and so supported all these wonderful artists!

- CJ

Anonymous said...

Julie, your photos are awesome. And congrats on the art purchases; they're awesome, too.

swag said...

Wow, I wonder if there's a snappy of the recently retired Pia Mess in that Sockit Wenches calendar.

Are you going to do another calendar?