Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beacon Hill/Georgetown Caucus at Van Asselt School

Decided not only to go to my caucus today, but to use public transportation to get there. While I was waiting for the 36, some dude pulled over and asked me for directions to Van Asselt. "It's at 7201 Beacon Avenue South, just after the stoplight at Othello and Beacon," I told him.

Except he didn't act like he was listening to me. Then got to his point: asking me if I was also going to the caucus and if I would like a ride with him.

When I lived in Ukraine, I hitchhiked to and from work every single day without any worries, but for some reason I've always thought there's something creepy about getting rides from strangers in America. And, besides, this dude didn't offer a lift to the other woman, who didn't look particularly Republican, waiting at the stop.

So I got on the bus.


It only took a few minutes to get to Van Asselt (where I did see the dude who offered me the lift, except he said he was in the wrong place and had to leave).


There's something a little sad about a no guns signs at the entrance to an elementary school.


I got there early. (So did Kathy from George.)


The room filled fast.


Besides Kathy, I also saw a bunch of other people I know. My coworkers Wendy and Kristian; my precinct neighbors Kathy, Larry, Lisa-Marie, Rick, Joel, Katrina, Machiko, and Rob; and my Metroblogging blog tournament competitor John, who asked me when our own personal race would be over. He and I keep swapping the top spot in the blog race. (You have until Wednesday to vote for me and help me win.) At first, it kind of seemed like a big party, especially in my precinct's area, over by the cookies and veggie tray.


But then the cookies ran out.


And the speeches began.


In my precinct, Obama supporters outnumbered Clinton supporters 3 to 1. At first count, there were 58 for Obama, 19 for Clinton, and 5 undecided.

Folks started speaking on behalf of their candidates.


This young man explained that his candidate, Barack Obama, was like an "international man of mystery... He's the black Austin Powers!"


Neither wanting to sway nor be swayed, I left after two hours.

Did you caucus today?


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Nikchick said...

Holy cow, not only did I caucus today but you managed to catch me and my husband in two of your photos!

Wish I'd have known, I would have introduced myself.

JvA said...

Are you 1624 too?

Nikchick said...

We're 1638. I think we were at the next table over from you.

JvA said...

I was the super-tall dark-haired woman hanging out by the snack trays (where you can usually find me, actually).

Anonymous said...

Those talls girls are eating all the snacks! I caucused, in Ballard. It was a tremendoulsy inspiring event. I've nver seen so many of my neighbors out of their houses. People were streaming to Whittier Heights elementary. We had about 10 precincts there, and it was chaotic as first, with not enough room to line up or sign up. But somehow it all got sorted out. We took the inital vote and we had 18 Clintons, 9 undecides, and 60 or 70 Obamas. One person spoke for Obama, and one for Clinton (Jim A.). A second vote was taken, and 8 undecideds and 1 Obama came to Clinton! We organically elected our delegates and alternates (two of each is all who wanted to do it), and finished just about 3:00 p.m. Democracy in action! It was amazing to see everyone out and involved like that. -- Pat D.