Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Interesting Comment About the Christian Restoration Center

I don't have time to follow up on this now, but I thought this comment on my original CRC post deserved some attention:

daneyboy said...
Hi there Dan Hagan aka Mayor of Beacon Hill (47 of 52 year resident) chiming in. I am a direct neighbor to the property and my sister lives directly behind
Christian Rest Center. There is some good but unfortunately very innacurate info being blogged re: this property so here goes.

The property is NOT owned by Rudeen - they are just the developers so emails to them re: graffiti are useless.

The property is owned by Jim Claeys - who grew up on Beacon Hill - has relatives in the neighborhood and many lifelong associates such as myself. The pictures of developments on the Rideen website in NO WAY reflect the type of developments associated with Mr. Claeys other city wide developments including those on Lake Union and Alki. If you would like to see the type of structure that would better represent what will be erected on the property - please go to
1350alki.com. - another of Jims properties.

I talked with Jim this AM and the structure will be full brick facade with NICE retail areas that could house Bistro, Coffee shop etc while maintaining architectural harmony with other structure in that (my) neighborhood. In addition Mr. Claeys company will be able to determine WHAT TYPE of business can go in the facility unlike the retail areas under the disguting property across the street on the SW corner of Oregon and 15th and even more unsightly retail area on the corner of 15th and Lucille. These will be faily high end condos with no garages to my knowlede with all parking residing inside the building.

Jim will be publishing plans and representative sketches in Beacon Hill News soon.

The building sold for over 2 million dollars and unfortunately Jim was not able to get his hands on the small store, dentist office etc next door - which are still owned by the same landlord that let the former church facility fall into irrepairable condition when on lease to the Church. The building is old, was built in asbestos happy times and really needs to go.

Jim can be reached at the ARA website at jclaeys@ARAusa.com - I think all should hold judgement until plans are unvieled. Jim worked in that building as a box boy in the 70's when it was a Tradewell and then IGA supermarket respectively and in no way wants to put up a slum dweller structure.

I for one am thrilled a man who lived here most of his life wants to bring an upscale development in (sorely needed given ramshackle multi family construction usually reserved foe south end) - I would be happy do discuss with anyone at any time.

Glad to hear that the property might look pretty nice (though I still think Rudeen's an odd choice for the development of it, just based on all their previous work).

And in my defense, I will quickly point out that I didn't make up the thing about Rudeen owning the property. They're listed as the property owners on the King County website. Not sure what the deal is with that.


LM said...

Thanks for posting. Interesting how certain news gets distributed around the Hill.

uppergeorgetowner said...

Can't tell if that arrangement will result in a better building or not. Rudeen didn't tell me they don't actually own the parcel, but they may have a development deal wherein they put up the money for the buildings and the owner of the land shares in the revenue. Or its a longterm lease deal. At any rate, it's still unclear who is driving the design of the new building and whether it will be green or not. Daneyboy - do you know if that would that be Jim Claeys or Rudeen?

Anonymous said...

I applaud this man for telling it like it is: "ramshackle multi family construction" is indeed the hallmark of Beacon Hill.

Catalina Vel-DuRay said...

I don't know what's worse: "Ramshackle" or "Upscale".

Whatever happened to normal?

peter said...

Its really an appreciating stuff. These people will surely bring some good change in everyones life if they work hard towards it.