Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Update on Christian Restoration Center

Rudeen has not yet responded to my e-mail. (Uppergeorgetowner, have you heard back from them?) However, my illegal dumping complaint to the Department of Planning and Development has been logged in the system. I bet they'll have an inspector out there early this week.

Graffiti complaints are harder to follow up on, but I could call Anthony Matlock at Seattle Public Utilities and see if they've at least confirmed the problem and sent a letter out yet.

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uppergeorgetowner said...

he did - he was irritated that I would assume they would build something like everything else they've done, but they are apparently working with an architectural firm on the design now. He was familiar with both the Pb Elemental and Dwell Development projects. Hopefully that will help lead them in a better direction than they've taken before. You wouldn't be able to tell from thier previous work though. I'll follow the design review process and keep folks updated.