Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SPD Ups Police Presence in Queen Anne

OK, I know I'm behind on my follow-up to that last Christian Restoration Center post. (Tomorrow?) But can I just share this with you -- it cracks me up. From today's Seattle Times:

Detectives believe Queen Anne home invasion wasn't random

By Jennifer Sullivan

Seattle police will keep more officers in the Queen Anne neighborhood in reaction to the beating of a 44-year-old man during a home-invasion robbery Sunday.


Brown didn't say how the victim knew the three men who forced their way into his home... He said Queen Anne residents have no reason to fear that they might be targets.

OK, it's not funny on its own. But replace the words "Queen Anne" with "South Seattle," and suddenly it's hilarious. Can you imagine SPD upping South End staff levels in response to every reported act of violence among acquaintances? The entire force would be down here!

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steph said...

Up here in northeast Seattle, we just hire our own police: