Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why You Should Vote for Me (or Not)

Since you're here and all, it seems reasonable for me to ask you to please vote for me in the Neighborhood Blogs race at Metroblogging Seattle. I have four strong competitors from throughout the city, so I don't expect to win (I didn't expect to be nominated!), but I'd love not to come in a distant last place.

(If you'd like to go ahead and follow that link above and vote for me, you are very kindly excused from reading the rest of this post.)

It's also OK with me if you vote for Blogging Georgetown (formerly The Paper Noose). He provides so much news and sharp commentary about the Duwamish area that I'm tempted to link to his blog in every other post I write. As I told him a couple months ago, I feel like I'm the Sunset magazine for 98108, and he's The Nation.

But I think I could probably use the encouragement more. This blog's almost a year old now, and while early posts were mostly about drinking and gardening, I've tried to make it more neighborhood-focused. Both Georgetown and Beacon Hill are undergoing huge changes right now (well, G-town is, and I feel that Beacon Hill is about to), and I do think that my photo documentation of these areas is worthwhile. I love that anyone can come here and see what all these neighborhood events looked like: Rainier Stock House demolition, Georgetown's Monstero! truck, Georgetown Holiday Art Walk, the Great Stuff opening, Sabey's unveiling of their first round of conceptual drawings for the Rainier complex, the Haunted History Tour, the South End Candidates' Forum, a pirate invasion at the Beacon Hill Pub, Nine Pound Porter night, our Mid Beacon Hill neighborhood block party, the Rainier Cold Storage tour, Georgetown Castle tour, the Georgetown Art and Garden Walk, the No Georgetown Dump victory party at Kathy and Holly's, the Beacon Hill Garden Walk, Georgetown Old Skool Carnival and Artopia, Georgetown Music Fest, etc.

But now that I'm heading into a second year and I'm facing some personal changes of my own, I'm thinking about whether I should try to provide documentation of all these events all over again. Let me know. Here, or preferably over at Metroblogging Seattle. Thanks, guys.


LM said...

You deserve to win.
I do like the photo essays- the best, but in the middle of winter it must be hard.

Anonymous said...

Voted! And right now you're only two votes behind the leader -- Blogging Georgetown :) Good luck!

hangarcafe_justin said...

i hope you win! just voted and you're in the lead!

Mr. Jamgochian said...
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