Saturday, March 22, 2008

12th Avenue South Viewpoint

The 12th Avenue South Viewpoint is a city park of sorts on 12th Avenue South. It's a long grassy strip on the western edge of Beacon Hill. It has a bench and an expansive view of Sodo, downtown, the Olympics.


"Dump no material. Whatever." (A Seattle Parks and Recreation truck drove by while I was there, but they didn't stop and pick up the trash or anything. Your tax dollars at work!)


That's the transit building that someone mentioned at that Sabey meeting last fall. They hoped the Stock House replacement could look something like this.


Looks like someone's feeding the rats.


The neighbors must be thrilled.


Bye, viewpoint.


1 comment:

RJC said...

I wish it were just rats that were being fed at that 12th Ave overlook...I've been there at sunset and seen the tamest looking racoon you've ever seen hanging out just waiting for dinner...good times...