Friday, March 28, 2008

ABC Supermarket

I've never been to ABC Supermarket on Beacon Hill. Their grand opening sign a year ago turned me off from the beginning.

"$1 Dollar quality Food Meals"


Recently on a food-related mailing list I'm on, people started talking about the ABC Supermarket. I asked the contributors if I could repost their comments here, and they said yes.

From Jason:

ABC is not for the faint of heart -- or, really, anyone who considers shopping at the Uwaj "adventurous". There are definitely some gems in there (including really cheap bottles of delicious salsa verde), so some folks may feel comfortable picking through the packaged, shelf stable items. But the wall of cow ovaries and ungraded meat/fish products will definitely throw other folks off.

It's similar to the grocery stores you find on the edge of the ID: On the one hand you're left to wonder how shrimp in a jar of oil could possibly be shelf stable. On the other hand you're intrigued by the incredible variety of things you might not see anywhere else in Seattle.

Personally I love these shops and basically trust my instincts. Maybe I'm overly naive in my approach, but these are community institutions -- and I imagine if that they were poisoning people that people would stop shopping there and they would close down.

I also eat at hot dog stands, taco trucks, and street tamale/corn vendors and don't use hand sanitizers after crowded bus rides -- so it's possible that I've developed the kind of super resistances that George Carlin used to pontificate about back in the days when he was still cool.

And Brian:

I’ve checked out their meat, it’s not labeled according to common standards (what they call NY Strip is nothing like any NY Strip I’ve seen before), and on top of that it’s some other grade besides USDA grade A. While I avoid the meats at ABC I occasionally shop there for mex/asian foods, and find their prices to be very, very good. I doubt you’ll find live Dungeness crab elsewhere in Seattle for the low prices they charge.

Good to know!

And on a completely unrelated note, my friend and hairdresser Lucynda recently did a video for her latest bizarre project, "Chariots of Rubber" ("a Portland based rock opera about love and loss at the crash up derby"). The video is also a commerical for Voodoo Doughnuts ("located in the crotch of Portland" and featuring "the infamous cock and balls" doughnut). Apparently production sponsors get their own original jingle performed live by the actors during the show.

Have you ever noticed that Portlanders have about one million times more fun than Seattleites?


Anonymous said...

i agree! i'm from portland and i remember! oh so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what the "$1 Quality Food Meals" were all about. Some things I just don't mind paying more than a dollar for: food is one of them, rubbers being the other. A few years back, this market had a sale sign out front saying 20 percent off everything except rice and beer.

JvA said...

You remember that too! I wish to God I'd taken a picture of that sign. In my memory, right before the store ownership changed hands, the sign said:


No rice
No beer

Albert Kaufman said...

I used to live on Beacon Hill
now I live in Portland. A little bit more fun, but I wouldn't say 3x as much