Monday, March 31, 2008

The Breakup Letter

Today Blogging Georgetown linked to a Seattle Weekly blog item about this fake Sabey letter, on fake Sabey letterhead, that was recently seen posted on lightpoles around the neighborhood:

Dear Georgetown, I know we haven't been talking a lot, and we've been doing a lot of thinking, and, well, this is really hard to say. We think we should just be friends. All those neighborhood meetings and listening and one on ones, they were great, really. It was like there was a spark, like it was going to be different this time. Yes, we felt it too. But really, did you really think it could be, well, soooo intense forever? ...We know what you're thinking: that we were just after one thing. That when we got it we would move on. There is nothing farther from the truth! It was so special to us, and even though there is an empty space now, we will always remember how special it truly was! ...We mean, we're totally cool, right? We don't want you to think that we totally used you or anything, because we totally care for you sooo much! ...But for now, we think we should just be friends... And no, it's not because we're seeing other people. Your Friends, The Sabey Corporation

Especially now that I've turned most of my attention to the two-bit developers up on Beacon Hill (who are reluctant to even follow the law, let alone invite and then act on public input on their projects), I have more appreciation for Sabey than most. But still, I think the letter is hilarious.

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