Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grading the Beacon Hill Gas Stations: 76 Passes

You might remember that I told you I'd be grading all the Beacon Hill gas stations according to a simple pass/fail test. Can I fill my tank and get a receipt without having to go inside? At Valero, I couldn't even fill my tank -- the pay mechanism only lets you spend $35, apparently.

Today, one month later, I finally used up that $35 of gas and had to get more. So I stopped at the 76 station.

I'm not crazy about this place. It doesn't seem to attract the sort of scammers who have set up camp outside Valero before (read my husband's comments here), but there are sometimes other annoying loiterers. Last time I filled my tank here, I got a little bit worried by the argument several men were having about a bottle of alcohol and some money. They were yelling and threatening each other, and I was afraid it was going to turn violent.

But anyway. Today was fine. Though I do get annoyed when the gas stations mix up the order in which they present the different types of gasoline. Traditionally, the cheap stuff is on the left, the medium stuff is in the middle, and the expensive stuff is on the right. Here it seems like they're trying to trick you into spending more than you need to.


But that's OK. You just have to be on guard.

Wow. More than $50 to fill the tank. But at least I could fill the tank.


And I even got a receipt.


76 passes.


Anonymous said...

South side of this parking lot is a well known pick up/drop off location for illegal Hispanics with pre-arranged "under the table" work connections through El Centro.

Anonymous said...

I completely cop to being hypnotized by the alluring aroma of the fried foods at this 76. Have not actually sampled the delicacies but day-um, do they smell good. Grease is the word indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think the Shell station across the street is the one with the alluring fried foods. Their fried catfish is actually quite good!