Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Graffiti on 14th

I've been complaining about all the graffiti on 14th in the blocks north of where a woman was attacked in broad daylight last week. Surely it couldn't hurt to get some of this cleaned up? Our neighborhood may be a crime zone, but it doesn't have to look like one.

I'm a Seattle graffiti ranger and have a city-issued paint wagon and everything, but while I'm pregnant I'm staying away from paints and turpentine and all that. But I can still complain! Last night I filed graffiti reports on two commercial properties with huge amounts of tagging facing the street. It's been there for weeks and weeks now.

I'd hoped to also drop the property owners a note about the situation, like I did with the Christian Restoration Center. But I couldn't find websites with any information for the property owners -- the Emmanuel Ethiopian Church at 2101 14th Ave. S. and Beacon Development LLC (contact name: Joshua Fletcher) at 1401 S. Holgate St.

Does anyone know anyone at the church? I'd love to know what their cleanup plans are. The paint is aqua colored -- they should get some new paint mixed up and have a church painting party.

And Beacon Development LLC seems to be a small-time operation based out of the main guy's apartment on Capitol Hill. (It is not the same thing as Beacon Development Group, also located on Capitol Hill.) He's turning the apartment building at 14th and Holgate into condos. Does anyone know Joshua Fletcher, and if so, could you ask him if he plans to paint out the graffiti soon?

By the way, if anyone wants to file additional complaints, go here.


Anonymous said...

Does the city provide graffiti clean-up services for private property owners? There's a home two blocks over from my house whose garage gets tagged constantly (it's across the street from Maplewood Playfield). The owner usually paints over it, but lately it seems as if he's given up. If the city help out in these situations, I wonder if he/she would take advantage. I'd be willing to pass the information along if so.

uppergeorgetowner said...

jennifer - I know that garage. I was thinking of going over there and painting it myself. That property is in a bit of disrepair all around, and facing the alley like that is a sitting duck. That said, the grafitti problem started only about a year ago.

JvA said...

The city will provide cleanup materials, but not services, for graffiti on private property.

If you're willing to volunteer your own services, they'll issue you a little red wagon with brown, white, and gray paint; rollers; brushes; and solvents for removing paint. They'll deliver it to your house.

They'll also give you a stack of waivers. You need to get the homeowner (not renter) to sign the waiver, releasing the city (and presumably yourself) from liability.

Last summer me and some neighbors volunteered to paint out graffiti on several houses in the neighborhood. Most owners decided to take care of it themselves, but we did paint out some graffiti.

If you're interested in getting a wagon, call (206) 386-4093. The city graffiti people are super-nice.

If you're interested in