Saturday, April 5, 2008

Administrative Note

I was trying out different graphical header ideas, but now I want to go watch more of the second season of "The Wire." I'm not quite there yet, but I do think I've found a good picture idea for now.

I wanted to incorporate an image that, to me, is representative, or at least evocative, of Mid Beacon Hill. I was thinking maybe the huge power lines that cross the hill up here over the Chief Sealth Trail, or maybe the maples along Beacon Avenue.

But then I thought of something even more appropriate. Chain-link fence! This is the first time I've ever lived in a place where that was the front-yard fence of choice. Mid Beacon Hill, where convenience and utility triumph over aesthetics every time. Home sweet home.


Jennifer said...

OK, you mentioned The Wire. I had to watch Season 1, Disc 1 twice to figure out who was who, what was what, and what the heck was going on. I haven't yet moved on to Disc 2 of Season 1. Is it worth it to hang in there with this show? My husband totally threw in the towel. The show gets such rave reviews but I found the first two episodes hard on my brain.

JvA said...

Hmm. I approached the show in a weird way. I watched the fifth and last season first with a couple of friends who had been watching it all along. They explained who everyone was.

So when I went to the first season, I had the advantage of already knowing many of the characters. I'm not sure how much I would have struggled with it if I'd gone in cold.

But, yeah, there are a ton of characters, and a lot of the time I can't remember their names. And there are times when I simply don't understand what's going on and either back it up to watch the scene again, or I just figure that it will become clear eventually.

But I can say that I am hooked in a bad way. I watched two episodes last night and three this morning. SO BAD. I just finished Season Two and will probably go to the video store to get started on Season Three, because I don't think I can wait for Netflix to get here.

Maybe try three episodes, and just keep going even if you're not clear on everyone and everything.

Then again, maybe it's best to throw in the towel and not risk the kind of addiction that I've got!

Arturo said...

Jennifer - check out this Rogues' Gallery at HBO. It helps sort out all the characters they keep throwing at you:

Keith said...

Stick with the first season until after the first couple of episodes with Omar and I think you'll be hooked. He shows up first in about episode 6 or so. IMO, Omar is the among the greatest characters ever created for television.

elspeth said...

I think I need to call these folks to defence our front yard chain link jail.

LM said...

I like the DeFence website. Inspirational. Maybe we'll be able to put that into our neighborhood plan.