Friday, April 11, 2008

Authorities Finally Cracking Down on Beacon Hill

Everyone's heard about the random sexual assaults and shootings on Beacon Hill, and in the last post someone was talking about robbery at gunpoint and an increase in prostitution and other crimes.

Well, you'll all be glad to know that the authorities are finally taking a hard look at some of the crime taking place on Beacon Hill and are actually doing something about it.

According to the Stranger blog, the Washington State Liquor Control Board has paid a visit to Culinary Communion, the cooking school that set up shop on Beacon Avenue last fall, and has ordered them to stop cooking with wine.

Anyway, I just thank God someone has finally come to their senses and tried to get things under control around here. They were really getting out of hand.


Anonymous said...

This...this is infuriating. When I read about this yesterday I honestly thought for a second that it was a joke. I have no words for this. I am truly speechless.

LM said...

Question- is the liquor license for the Beacon Pub being suspended or under investigation?
Also, as noted in the article, there are many cooking schools in the city and it seems like Culinary Communion is the only one the liquor board has paid a visit to. Where they too successful? I agree with Jennifer- it does make one feel speechless/helpless.

JvA said...

I think they are cracking down all over town. I imagine that cooking classes at places like Whole Foods will be unaffected, since they're already permitted to sell alcohol. Not sure who all this will affect.