Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beacon Hill Stuff

1. It's Not All Bad Here.

A week ago, a contributor to the neighborhood mailing list took the time to list some of the reasons he's proud to live on Beacon Hill. It gets a little desperate at the end ("talk of ... an annual pancake breakfast"), but I salute the effort.

I'll take a minute to remind us of a few other things going on in our
neighborhood. We have a huge park renovation underway at Jefferson
Park, that many folks are continuing to work on to make sure we get
the first class park we deserve. We have one of the most in demand
elementary schools in the district, Beacon Hill International. Maple
Elementary School has a nationally recognized principal. Kimball
Elementary has kids from all over on its waiting list. We have about
a year and a half till the light rail station is up and running, a
dedicated group of folks is wading through the city bureaucracy to
ensure a public planning process around the station development.
Those folks, BH Pedestrians have already gotten the city to agree to
repave S. Lander Street as a "Festival Street," which prioritizes
pedestrians and will be able to be closed for public events. We have
two shiny, new, successful businesses, Culinary Communion and Buggy.
The Red Apple is better than its ever been. There are stewardship
groups at Jose Rizal Park. Lewis Park, at Cheasty Greenbelt and into
the NE Greenbelt. There is talk of a "Beacon Ramble" music night and
annual pancake breakfast. We have the Beacon Hill Festival and
Triangle Park Pinata Party.

2. Cinco de Mayo Festival on May 3, 4-9 pm, Jefferson Community Center

After that guy's mail, another neighbor chimed in with an announcement for this event:

Another great Beacon Hill activity is Cinco de Mayo! Join us right here on
the hill for traditional tacos, a Latino fashion show, live entertainment, a
health and social services fair, local vendors, and children's activities.
This year, we're expecting hundreds of families, so we're moving from El
Centro to the Jefferson Community Center to better accommodate everyone.
Please join us! Come with a hungry belly and bring your family and friends
to celebrate with us.

El Centro de la Raza's 3rd Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Saturday, May 3, 2008
4 - 9 p.m.
Jefferson Community Center
3801 Beacon Ave. S.

3. Beacon Hill Garden Tour in Trouble?

Last year, some hard-working Beacon Hill gardeners organized a beautiful neighborhood garden tour.


Looks like this year the organizers are having trouble finding the help they need to pull it off again. Someone on the mailing list put out a call for help. I don't want to post her address here, but if you mail me, I'll get you in touch with her. I would love to see this happen again this year -- I didn't make it to all the gardens last time.

Here's her message:

We have had a garden tour on Beacon Hill for the last 14 or so years. Until last year the south end was a part of the Georgetown Garden Walk and Art Tour. Last year we ventured out on our own to include the north end as well for the first annual Beacon Hill 'Check out our Bloomers' Tour. At this time, we don't have enough people for the planning committee or gardens for our 2nd annual garden tour.

If you would be interested in having your garden on tour or helping with planning, please let me know!!

The focus of our tour has always been community building and neighborhood development, not how wonderful your garden is. Our guests are most impressed with what 'ordinary' people have done with their yards, so do consider joining us...If we have enough organizers and gardens, we will proceed!!

4. Theater on Beacon Hill

A play is being performed at Art's (Arts?) on Beacon Hill. I don't know anything about this, but here is the ticket info.

5. Agenda for Public Safety Meeting on April 27 at 2 pm at the Library

Craig Thompson has published an agenda for the public safety meeting this Sunday at the Beacon Hill Library:

1. Block watch networking.
2. Alcohol Impact Area update (you can get a form to track empties you find on the BAN list home page - we have a year's worth of data now, too, plus there have been meetings with City personnel around this issue in recent months).
3. Homeless encampments on the hill - City's new policy.
4. Graffiti and trash solutions.
5. Being safe in public areas.

This is intended to be an open meeting, not about any one group on the hill, but about how we can make each other safe. It's going to be more informal than the block watch summit of last summer, which didn't give us time to talk to each other. Mark Solomon, Crime Prevention Coordinator from the South Precinct, is on vacation, but he asked me to encourage all interested folks to attend. Capt. Liggins from the South Precinct may attend, depending on if he is scheduled to be the available precinct captain for the weekend and, of course, the demands of his duty.

6. Litlnemo's Beacon Hill Crime Map Gets More Markers

After a rash of crime reports to the mailing list, Litlnemo started a map of all the incidents. Unfortunately, there have been some additions in the last week or so.

7. Catalina Vel-DuRay Posts More House Photos

Last but not least, the Dan Langdon site now contains new photos of the most fabulous house on Beacon Hill. Read about it here.

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