Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Beacon Hill Resources

Right before I left on vacation, I complained about how the old Tan Tuu Quan restaurant at Beacon and Columbian was pretending like it was becoming a whole new place, when it seems the same owners are just changing the name and applying for a liquor license.

I also complained that the North Beacon Hill Council (who do a lot of great work, are really nice people, etc., etc.) didn't write to the neighborhood mailing list to solicit input on the Good Neighbors Agreement that they were proposing to the bar owners. They always tell the mailing list who's scheduled to speak at their upcoming meetings, but they don't always let us all know what they're actually working on.

Anyway. One of the comments I got was a gorgeous rant about how scummy this whole intersection is. It's so much better than anything I've ever written here -- please go read it.

I loved the part about how the Fou Lee employees used to force her (and disabled vets and kids as well) off the sidewalk and into the incredibly busy oncoming traffic when she was pushing her 6-month-old baby around in a stroller, just so they could make room on the sidewalk for patrons to park their cars. (So very Mid Beacon Hill!)

I also loved this part of her comment: "The barber shop is funny. From what my husband can tell it’s a bunch of old men drinking booze, talking and thumbing through Playboys. Why not?"

But the best part, was, of course: "HUMAN FECES IN THE BROKEN DRIERS."

The author apologized for ranting, but I want to thank her for telling the truth. The intersection of Beacon and Columbian is shitty (literally) -- there's no reason we should pretend otherwise. I'm excited that the North Beacon Hill Council is working on a GNA with the place that's changing its name; I just wish they'd sought out more input on it. Maybe we could have suggested that they clean up the "trash, dog crap, and human waste" that collects in the bus shelter out front.

Anyway, then a neighbor from the slightly cleaner north end of the neighborhood posted a list of Beacon Hill resources, many of which I've added to the left column of this website. Thanks, DG, for this list -- as the awesome ranter said, it's a good start:

South Beacon Hill Council Web Page

North Beacon Hill Council Webpage

Sign Up for North Beacon Hill email list

Beacon Alliance of Neighbors Web Page

Sign up for BAN email

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