Saturday, April 5, 2008

Squeaky Clean Restaurants and Bars

Shootings, murder, groping... Let's take a moment to focus on the positive instead.

Occasionally someone I know will send out a link to the website where you can look up King County restaurant inspection results.

Don't let it freak you out -- almost all restaurants fail at something, usually keeping food at the proper temperature all the time. I'm positive my own kitchen would fail miserably.

But anyway, here are a few local places that have no warnings at all on the books. Nice going!

* Georgetown Liquor Company
* Nine Pound Hammer
* Stella Pizza & Ale

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Anonymous said...

Good news: they're doing something with the storefront that housed Tan Tu Quan (I think that's how it was spelled) on Beacon and Columbian. The boarded up windows have been exposed and it appears to have been a furniture store before it became a bar/restaurant. I'd never been in there, but years ago did a Google search on Tan Tu Quan and the only hit in Seattle came up from the restaurant inspection site you listed above. Anyhow, I hope something good goes in that spot!