Saturday, April 5, 2008

Three Shot at Beacon Hill Pub Last Night, Suspect Still at Large

A woman and two men were shot at the Beacon Pub last night, and the shooter remains at large. The lead of the P-I story:

Three hurt in South Seattle shooting


A woman and two men were shot and wounded inside a Beacon Hill tavern late Friday night and the gunman remains at large, Seattle police reported.

The shooting happened around 11:15 p.m. inside The Beacon Pub, near the intersection of Beacon Avenue South and South Hanford Street.

One of the victims sounds OK, with a gunshot wound in the knee, and the others are in critical condition, according to the report.

I know this is no time to be harping on the media for their choice of phrasing, but what's with the "South Seattle" headline when "Beacon" is mentioned no less than three times in the first two sentences of the story? Personally, I hate when news stories aren't specific -- and it's not like people don't know that Beacon Hill is a South Seattle neighborhood.

However, some other neighbors might appreciate that Beacon Hill is being kept out of crime headlines. As one neighbor mentioned on the mailing list today, "It does not auger well to have the words 'Beacon Hill' and 'crime' on one of our major newspaper websites." I do understand others' concerns about property values (especially now that we have both a sexual predator and a gunman on the loose), but I also think that in order for problems to be corrected, they first must be identified.

(Also, "a Beacon Hill tavern" sounds off to me, since the Beacon Pub is the only Beacon Hill tavern. Anyway...)

I've only been to the Beacon Pub a half-dozen times or so. I'm no stranger to the drink, but I always feel like an amateur in there. It's never seemed scary, but it's usually just kind of sad.

A couple of people have left Beacon Pub-related comments on my last post (sorry this one is so late -- I was at the Kelso Red Lion this morning when I heard about the shooting and just got home):

Add to the list the shooting Friday night 4/4 inside the Beacon "Pub" that left two critically injured. What a surprise...I stopped going to this seedy dive two blocks from my house after witnessing too many drug and prostitution deals going down inside/outside the premises. The sister/brother owners(?) seemed to condone the behavior and made no attempt to quell illegal activity or throw out the gangbangers who get their hair cut two doors down. Oh how I hope they shut the place down and in the location a place similar to Linda's Tavern, 9# Hammer, etc. opens up!!


As an infrequent yet consistent customer of the local tavern I guess I have to agree with the previous comments, especially after reading statements by the owner's mother in today's P.I. She and her daughter (owner) come off as being totally clueless of the clientele which seems very disingeneous. They also mention that they have already ordered security cameras that haven't yet been delivered. Um, sure, that's exactly the right thing to say for the authorities. I sure hope this is the last nail in the coffin for the place.

I took pictures in there last September, when a bunch of people showed up for Pirates of the Caribeacon:








chuck b. said...

That wasn't the bar with the bikers? You do hang out in some dangerous bars.

JvA said...

That was a different bar, which I only went to that one time because a friend's band was playing. I mostly hang out in bars with really friendly people, the kind who'll happily move down a stool to accommodate you if you ask. (Thanks, dudes at Smarty Pants on Friday night!)

JvA said...

Actually, some of the people at the Beacon Pub are super-friendly as well. A couple trips ago, a stranger bought me and my husband a couple of shots of whiskey. It was very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I will ever check this place out - I had always wanted to but sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry. So with that in mind, I will continue to chill at Calamity Janes!

Anonymous said...

I've gone there twice; a friend of mine's band played there a few years ago. Most recently went in about a year back and met a diverse crowd - all nice folks! I got a kick out of how impressed my friend (out of towner) was by the wackiness of the place. He seemed envious!

Anonymous said...

I've also been disappointed with how the media has handled this. Every story I have read so far has something in it that is false. I just wish they could get their stories straight.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about the Beacon Pub shooting. I moved to Beacon Hill less than a year ago and soon after went to the Pub down the street from me to hopefully meet locals and avoid sitting at home alone. I had some bad experiences in a short period of time and decided it was not a safe place for me to go. It is too bad, because Beacon Hill really could use a nice neighborhood bar. Bad things can happen anywhere but I found that there were far more sad, creepy, druggie, and criminal types in the Beacon Pub than there were interesting and friendly people. I'm sure that more positive and friendly people would go out in their own neighborhood if there were somewhere to go to kick back, have a few drinks and some good conversation without all the bad buju.