Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beacon Hill Library Hold Names

While picking up some stuff on hold at the library today, I was struck by how very Asian our neighborhood is.

Teng, Wong, Truo, Woo, Wu, Vu, Yama, Yu, Yuen, Zeng, Zhan, Zho, Zhou, Ziem.


And on the other side, La, Lee, Li, Leun, Hong, Lieu, Loui, Kwon.


I wonder what the (up to first four letters of the) names at other branches look like.


Daphne said...

I can't tell you all the names off-hand, though there are plenty of ADA...'s, but I can tell you the shelves are completely packed and they had to create new hold shelves.

I wish my holds would come in. I should get offline and read now.

Anonymous said...

You must not know the history of this neighborhood if you're only being struck by how Asian it is now! Beacon Hill is historically (at least since the 1970s) the poor asian neighborhood. Ballard used to be the poor white neighborhood, and the CD the poor black neighborhood, but everything changed over time.