Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Call to the South Precinct Non-Emergency Number

Last time I had a noise complaint, I tried calling the South Precinct non-emergency number. But when I just got an automated response, I escalated my noise complaint to 911, per the instructions on the City of Seattle website.

But I guess the officials at Aki Kurose Middle School (whose playfield users were witness to some shooting a couple months ago) just aren't as persistent as I am. When a 14-year-old student reported to school officials that she had been raped at gunpoint by another student during school hours last week, they just dutifully left a message on that South Precinct non-emergency voice mailbox and waited for the police to call them back the next day.

The story in the P-I, in the Times.

(Honey, are you reading this? Screw the fancy nursery furnishings. Let's start saving for private school now.)


litlnemo said...

I firmly believe in public education.

Having said that, I have no faith whatsoever in Seattle Public Schools. I attended them for 13 years, and there was so much institutional stupidity in the organization that I don't think I could send my own child there.

It doesn't have anything to do with the neighborhood; just the SPS culture as a whole. (I actually attended in North Seattle, where the schools were supposedly better.)

There were some great teachers along the way, though -- I'm not criticizing them. (There were also some terrible ones and even an abusive one, who got to keep his job because of politics, while the kids affected were scattered across the city, and had to deal with the fallout.) But there were at least quite a few good teachers. But the teachers alone couldn't change the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

All public schools have their issues. What would add insult to injury is for those who care and have the means to change things (time as well as money) opting out, leaving people without the income or time, with the mess.

Sarah said...

While I intellectually agree with the above comments, as a mom of two young girls, homeschooling looks better all the time!!

Just wanted to say that I am so glad I discovered your blog. We used to live right by you, I think. For five years we lived on Gould Ave S just north of Graham. We could see the Comet Lodge Cemetary from our house. We left Seattle about 5.5 years ago, just as Columbia City and Georgetown were getting exciting. We miss Seattle a lot and were happy on Beacon Hill!

JvA said...

If the choice is between opting out and sending your 12-year-old girl to a school with gang shootings outside, rape at perceived gunpoint inside, and school administrators who are content to just leave a voice mail about it, then I'm all for opting out. If that makes me a bad person, then I am more than happy to be a bad person.

JvA said...

Thanks, Sarah! We're just north of Orcas in the neighborhood tucked in behind the Chinese Baptist Church.

One of the posts I want to do next is about a section on the Comet Lodge Cemetery in a new book called "Weird Washington." I just got it a couple days ago; it's pretty cool.

wsb said...

I have said this before but private school's no prize either. We've done both. That aside, I still find this mindboggling. We work very closely with the Southwest Precinct in our reporting over here and they tell people, repeatedly and energetically, to not hesitate to call 911 even if it's just a DOOR TO DOOR SOLICITOR that has you worried. Much less anything worse. Wow.

JvA said...

Yeah, I can't help but think there must be more to this story, but STILL.

Maybe the school officials suspected it was consensual because the girl wasn't emotional enough about it, or that she was lying? Still, they found the toy gun. Still, the boy got expelled, so they must have thought there was something to her story. Still, it's worthy of an immediate police investigation, even if the girl did wait until the next day to report it.

I'm sure private school isn't a panacea. But stories like this one make it hard to want to turn your kid over to the clowns who run the SPS. I find it hard to believe that the private schools here in general aren't run better than this. I mean, wouldn't anything be better than a school where officials think that forcible rape warrants only internal discipline and a voice mail to the precinct?

JvA said...

Actually, it looks like the girl did report the incident immediately. School officials must have left the voice mail the day of the attack, and then the police responded the following day.