Friday, June 27, 2008

Living Near Jose Rizal Park

Today I got an e-mail from a young woman who was planning to rent a house right by Jose Rizal Park with a couple of friends. She's now wondering if they should look for a safer area to live.

I believe she and her roommates plan to park on the street some of the time. Would they be safe walking around that area after dark?

I know there's a lot of car prowls in the area (aren't there?), but that's true of many neighborhoods in Seattle. Their main concern is safety, of course, but it is a pain to deal with car break-ins all the time too.

Does anyone have any advice for this group?


Anonymous said...

I work in Amazon at the PacMed building. There are auto break-ins in broad daylight during office hours (while our security staff patrols the area). I can only imagine it's significantly worse outside of working hours. That said, I have no idea how much non-auto-related theft takes place in the area. I think the more residential streets of North Beacon Hill are relatively safe for walkers. Stick to parking in those more interior areas, even if it means a longer walk, and it probably wouldn't be less safe than Capitol Hill.

Anonymous said...

I live right behind Amazon/PacMed. We have had a number of car break-ins and even in our private car-ports behind our apartment building. I walk to work downtown and I would always be very careful at night (make sure to be drive to your door or block). I love my apartment, but am cautious of all the men in our area - especially near Jose Rizal Park and that's even during the day.

My view and closeness to work downtown make the drag of dealing with this worth it. You really need your own parking right at your building to be safe however.

Anonymous said...

I live in that area, and yeah, it's not the best for cars. But I'm a young woman living by myself a couple blocks from Jose Rizal Park and I've never feared for my safety... though I'm also pretty prepared, so renter's insurance, cell phone at hand when walking alone after dark, and checking locks/windows is a given. That said, I'm still moving once my lease is up, just because I'm tired of dealing with the 36.