Thursday, June 19, 2008

Metro Route 12

I've mentioned before how I don't like the loathsome 36. And the feeling seems mutual. I mean, I'll be standing right there, obviously waiting for it, but it'll pass me right by as if I didn't even exist. So rude!

Today I took the bus from downtown up to 19th Avenue East. I caught the lovely 12.

Even at 5:25 p.m. at 4th and Marion, everyone could find their own seat.

As we went up Madison, the driver played a prerecorded message for us. It was from some Metro goofball, explaining that the high price of gasoline had increased ridership. He apologized for the overcrowded conditions and promised that they'd be adding larger buses to popular routes in the fall.

I wondered why the hell they were playing that tape on this particular bus. Because here we are on Madison, at the peak of rush hour, before we even turned onto 19th, near the fancy pants part of Capitol Hill.


I left my bus pass at home and the smallest bill I had on me was a $5, and I didn't even mind handing it over because the smooth, fast, uncrowded ride was better than a cab ride.

It's not like this is news to anyone here, but those of us only served by the 36 are getting totally screwed.


Anonymous said...

If you like the 26 so much why don't you move your snooty, yuppie ass to wallingford?

Chris said...

The 36 is totally a human rights atrocity.

Was that the #12?

JvA said...

Chris -- Yep! Fixed now.

Anon -- Because apparently those of us "with the means to change things" aren't supposed to "opt out" like that.

Anonymous said...

indeed. The #39 (for us on the southside of mid-beacon hill) is pretty weak sauce as well. Often overcrowded, NEVER on time. As a side note, thank you for your blog, we find it a source of great info and entertainment on our neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Metro would "subdivide" the 36 into another smaller route that would shuttle folks between the Red Apple and the I.D.

Things I've seen on the 36:
- One junkie handing a pellet of something off to another junkie (Believe me, I KNOW when someone is nodding - not proud of that fact, just sayin')
- Band of drunk guys passing around a 40-in-a-bag and verbally assaulting a young teenage girl (I lived in the SW long enough to know enough Spanish - especially "bad words")
- Beligerent drunk female demanding change from the older passengers in the front of the bus
- Smart-ass teenage boys with knives tearing up the seats and scratching the bus interior walls.
- Tweaker with pissed-pants refusing to move out of aisle when bus was packed starts shoving other passengers.

And the list goes on. There have been times I've jumped out and walked from Amazon on home just to avoid the rest of the ride.

Metro needs to re-examine the 36. Seems like the only attention that route got from the Powers That Be was when women were being assaulted. And by the way, that story seems to have faded into the woodwork... hmmm

Anonymous said...

What can we do as a community to demand a change on this bus line? Who do we contact? Do we have any rights?
I love the idea of breaking up the line into 2 lines.
I hardly ever take the 36 since some junky mother with eyes rolling back in her head and her equally messed up friend decided they wanted to "play" with my infant daughter and wouldn't take no for an answer. That was about 5 years ago. The 36 is a filthy disgrace.
***Hey, Anon with the Wallingford comment - I'm glad you enjoy that piss you're sitting in! Welcome to the 36 asshole!
I enjoy this blog.

JvA said...

Hey, hey. Let's not call each other names. I contemplated deleting the original comment but decided that since it was an an insult to me alone, I wasn't obligated to do so. But I probably should have, because I don't want to make a cozy home for trolls here.

I also don't want to disallow anonymous comments, because though I think there's a little bit of cowardice in some of them, there's a whole lot of valuable honesty in many more of them.

And I don't want to require moderator approval for comments to appear because I that will just stifle conversation. Anyway, I guess we can just see how things go...

JvA said...

I'd like to try to get some answers from Metro on how they decide where to use their resources. I heard somewhere that the 36 was the second-most crowded route in the system, but I think I just heard it in conversation -- I really don't know. I imagine I'll need to start taking the loathsome 36 next year, and I'd at least like to know that some changes were being considered.

But first things first. I took the day off today and met with someone from the city to find out why their posted neighborhood crime stats are so messed up. I'll post aboout that in a bit...

PM said...

JVA, if you can get down to Georgetown fairly easily, and you're going Downtown, the options there are much better than the 36. (Not that the 36 doesn't need serious improvement. Just a possible alternative until such a time as it does.)

I would occasionally catch the 36 after getting off the 545, if I was running late and couldn't meet up with my ride back to Beacon. The difference in the routes was painful.

Francine said...

Hi - can I give a shout-out to the best Metro bus driver (and friend)? Don Ward, who drives the last 32 heading downtown daily!

p.s. I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yep the 36 is awful even from when i get on it in LQA from its original one incarnation. seems the low-lifes that live on it shuttle from the QA greenbelt to the Beacon HIll hangout. We need to imporve housing options to get them better off....however, the behavior on the trolley partiuclarly that one is awful. I stick with the 60 now as much as I can even if that means a boogie up to Broadway--its fast and easy, the driver's are fantastic as well.

I have a lot of friends in Beacon Hill and they all agree that the service is awful..cannot a bus rider's union be formed of sorts? A readjustment of bus service--I lived in QUeen Anne for 4 years and they have way many express busses am and pm-- I think they did this in LA, I read about it in Z magazine, forcing the city to adjust service.

And some fare enforcement would be nice too.