Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snapshots from the Inaugural Sunday Supper at the Corson Building

After peeking through the fence so many times, it was fun to finally get a chance to eat at the Corson Building.

They've come a long way since the start of the year. January:




Sunday nights they're doing a fixed-menu, family-style meal -- Sunday Suppers. Tonight was the first.



They served dinner outside.






They encouraged us to walk around before dinner, and they brought us oysters and iced tea. We ended up sitting by that cool, good-looking couple in the photo, at left. And we sat across from the Belle & Wissel owner and his wife (another cool, good-looking couple), and Curt Doughty, whose photographs are part of the "Accidents Will Happen" exhibit that's there right now. (He's also cool, also good-looking, etc. The whole table was a pretty attractive bunch, and I bet they all vote regularly and clean up after their dogs too.)


While everyone else toured the grounds, I loitered near the table so I could grab one of the seats with its own chair. If you looked like the freaking Venus of Willendorf, as I do now, you'd understand.


Dinner was amazing, of course. I forgot what all we had, though I do remember rabbit liver pate, rabbit legs, king salmon, lovage, fava beans, ham and apple salad, morel mushrooms, baby carrots, strawberries, and fancy cheese.


I want to come here for dinner every Sunday night.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the feedback and photos! My adult family of five has reservations for this coming Saturday and my excitement is growing with each new review I peruse.

How is the Sunday Supper different from dinners on other nights? I was under the impression that all of the meals are fixed-menu and communal, $110 w/wine and $80 w/o.(

Thanks again!

JvA said...

I think the Friday and Saturday dinners are served indoors by candlelight, and the food is probably fancier.

I think Sunday Supper is more casual, and you buy your wine by the glass from a small selection. Last night there was one rose and two reds to choose from, and they were $8 - $11 a glass, I believe.

Sunday Supper -- or at least our dinner last night -- was $50, not including wine.

Anonymous said...

I HOPE this is a parody, but
not sure.

Now, will baby rabbits and frogs
legs be a Sunday staple?

It looks gorgeous, but......gag!

femurface said...

I want to do this! Communal dining is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

I’m responding to “Anonymous’s“ comments of “gag.” You’re so wrong! The inaugural Sunday Supper was fabulous. There is a reason why chef Matt Dillion has been on the cover of “Food & Wine;” he’s awesome. Some of the food was unusual, but it was all wonderful. I think there were about eight dishes. I won’t be able to do them justice in describing them, because I can’t identify the ingredients or techniques. But I can say they were all wonderfully fresh and intensely flavorful. We started out with oysters on the half-shell while wandering through the garden. At the table we had a prosciutto and vegetable salad, clams in a broth with bacon and chorizo, toasted rustic bread with rabbit pate, a salad of tomatoes and butter lettuce, poached salmon with fava beans, a main dish of rabbit with a green goddess sauce, platter of faro and morrells, baby fennel and tiny new carrots, ending with strawberries with 25-year old balsamic and a pecorino romano cheese. The meal was wonderfully paired with optional wines; a rose, two reds and a dessert wine. After dinner Matt came out to mingle with the guests and answer questions. It was a wonderful evening and I’d definitely recommend it. I work in the area and have been curious about the project, but I have no connection with the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Gross. The bunny was the deal-breaker. I wish them luck but we will not be eating there.

JvA said...

Oh, no. The bunny photo is totally stolen. It's not from the Corson Building. I just threw it in there. I didn't mean for it to turn anyone away.

(Unless that makes it easier for me to get reservations in the future, hmm...)

They were serving rabbit, but I don't see what's wrong with that. It's not an endangered species; they're not factory farmed.

Anonymous said...

I used to live at 6700 Corson. I wish this restaurant would have been there at the time. I have heard only great reviews. Will have to come back and relive some memories of Georgetown.