Thursday, July 24, 2008

Georgetown Mural Gone

Just heard that the Georgetown mural on Bailey St. next to the old Hansen's Florists shop has been removed. I presume the building's owners, the Korean Central Baptist Church, removed the mural as part of their expansion into the lower part of the building. Hansen's Florists, who had been downstairs tenants since World War II, recently had to move to 4th Ave. S. to accommodate them. (According to this Seattle Times story: "Personally, I feel bad and sad about the situation, but the church needs the space," said church elder Paul Seo.)

I wonder if the church elders also feel bad and sad about removing the mural without
giving any warning to the community.

Normally I would include a picture here. But I'm not sure I ever bothered taking a picture of the mural because I figured it would always be there.

(Maybe they're readying the space for some big beer ads?)

It would be totally rude and unneighborly for me to say something like I hope the ghosts who supposedly inhabit this former Masonic temple slam an extra door or two in protest.


The General said...

Ooooh, I didn't know the Korean Church was haunted! And here I was thinking that the Georgetown Castle would be the only chance I'd have of seeing a local ghost!

old foghi said...

I am not clear it was the church who partially painted over the mural or not. I did go talk with one of the elders and a discussion was started about saving/moving or documenting the mural. At this time nothing more is know. I was not only sad when I saw what happened but was livid. I would hate to think it was the church - but perhaps a miscommunication happened somewhere along the line.

I am hoping the artist who created it documented it with photos - I will be meeting her next week and will let you know.

Ghosts - we have lots of ghosts, General - see FOGHi Haunted History tour.

Nikchick said...

Was thinking of you and the Pabst "murals" the other day because I was driving through Georgetown while they were tearing that whole building down. Georgetown is changing by the hour, I swear.