Sunday, July 20, 2008

Links to Pinata Party Pics, Times Story About "BeHi"

I was out of town, but it looks like the Pinata Party was a lot of fun.

The Seattle Times wrote a story about the "BeHi" nickname for Beacon Hill.

The guy who came up with "BeHi" bumper stickers says the nickname "seems to tap into a younger, hipper, urban crowd who lives on Beacon Hill — people who have a sense of humor and don't take life too seriously."

I guess I don't have a sense of humor -- I don't think it's particularly funny to link the term "BeHi" with a neighborhood where people smoke crack on the bus. Commenters on the story don't think it's very funny either.

Quotes in the story, comments on the story, and recent posts to the Slumberland mailing list (regarding this issue and discussion of local grocery options) mention a generational/gentrificational change happening on the hill. Which strikes me as odd because I think of Beacon Hill as the least changed neighborhood in all of Seattle. In fact, one of the comments to the story hits that nail right on the head:

I've lived in Beacon Hill most of my life. For those who say it's not cool or hip, what is your definition of that? Capital Hill and Fremont's got nothing on Beacon Hill. Try finding parking in any of those neighborhoods. We have plenty of restaurants within minutes on any part of Rainer Ave and MLK. Easy access to Downtown and the freeways. Why change the name of Beacon Hill is beyond me.

This person has lived here most of their life, and all they can recommend about Beacon Hill is its ample parking, freeway access, and proximity to other neighborhoods with restaurants.

Anyway, I'm just not sure what the people who complain about change are complaining about. Compared to the goings-on in Georgetown to the west and Columbia City to the east, virtually nothing has changed on Beacon Hill, for better or for worse.


The General said...

I'm not as concerned about it appearing to be a drug reference, but do have to agree that the whole thing seems sort of forced. I feel like the best Seattle neighborhood nicknames are the ones that have grown up naturally and not as any sort of "push" to forge and identity.

My wife and I still find the whole "West Edge" campaign down on 1st Ave to be pretty groan worthy.

JvA said...

Yeah, "BeHi" is totally artificial and lame. It's like a bad joke.

arturo said...

Yeah, "BeHi" isn't even constructed authentically, like "SoHo" or "TriBeCa". But it's not as awful as "NoMa" (North-Of-Market?) in Ballard, which I think was invented entirely by a realtor.