Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rainier Valley Post Trying to Follow Up on Aki Kurose MS Assaults

Kudos to the Rainier Valley Post for e-mailing Seattle Public Schools with the questions we all have about the recent student-on-student sexual assault and the instructor-on-student sexual assault at Aki Kurose Middle School.

Here are the questions she's asked.

Regarding alleged staff-on-student sexual assault (2006-08):

1. Where was the teacher during the alleged two years of abuse? If students noticed, took photos and were concerned enough to tell their parents, how is it that the teacher wasn't aware?

2. In light of the recent alleged student-on-student assault, is Aki Kurose having supervision issues? Are there enough adults there to teach and keep children safe?
What was the timeline of events here? When did school officials become aware there was a problem? Who/when reported to police?

3. Who saw what and on what date did they report it and to whom did they report it?
On what date was Urrutia was pulled from the classroom and placed on paid administrative leave?

Regarding alleged student-on-student sexual assault (6/11/08):

1. Why didn't SPS employees didn't call 911, since District spokeswoman Patti Spencer claims that district protocol is for officials to call police "immediately" when a sexual assault occurs on campus?

2. Does the district plan to investigate the school official's failure to call 911 or reach police directly when the girl reported to them that she was raped? If so, when will the investigation begin and how long is it expected to take? If no, why not?

3. This report comes one year to the day after a 15-year-old student at Rainier Beach High School was raped by a classmate and school officials failed to filed a report, and at a time when SPS is investing millions in failing SE schools as part of SE Initiative. Is SPS staff confused about the district's policy? Are there any plans to clarify for all SPS staff?

I'll keep checking the Rainier Valley Post for a followup post; you should too.

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