Friday, August 15, 2008

Hear, Hear

OK, my posting "slowdown" is really more of a hiatus. I'm fine and the baby's fine, but until she arrives, I'll be on bedrest (with short breaks for sustenance down the hill at Via Tribunali, Smarty Pants, and Jules Maes). I have all sorts of time to post about the neighborhood, but I just don't feel like it. (This might change when I run out of episodes of "Rome, Season 2.") Anyway, Blogging Georgetown and the Rainier Valley Post are going strong -- if you haven't checked them out yet, you definitely should.


I usually don't post media articles in their entirety, but this one's only two paragraphs, and I don't want to cut a word. A letter from today's P-I:


Once again, I would like to ask for accuracy and precision in reporting covering Seattle's South End neighborhoods. Is the article on Southeast Seattle real estate covering the area east of MLK to the water, south of I-90 to Rainier Beach, or is it the 98118 ZIP code? They are not the same. The real estate agents quoted statistics pulled from ZIP code areas. If 98118 is the area (and it definitely seemed to be the reference), by referring to MLK as a boundary, you have omitted at least 25 percent of the housing area covered by the 98118 ZIP code, which extends up south Beacon Hill on the west side to 32nd Avenue South.

You really should get some better maps, and look at them. I use the Thomas Guide and other maps put out by the Kroll Map Co. -- a local, reputable and, most important, accurate producer of maps. Otherwise, your reporting reads like hearsay -- and leans toward gossip. In which case, it belongs on the editorial page because it is not news -- it is opinion. We deserve better.

Tristin Pagenkopf
Seattle (Hillman City)

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