Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Photos from Around the South End

I've been told to take it easy these last couple weeks before the baby comes (one of her due dates is today; the other is Monday). Here are some photos from this weird, boring downtime, which all the new parents I know say I should be profoundly thankful for.

Lunch at Via Tribunali in Georgetown.



Sunset on Airport Way.


Followed by moonrise on Beacon Hill.


Dinner at Pig Iron BBQ in Georgetown.


Fried green tomatoes and chop salad.



Sedum and feather grass in the rock wall at home.


The creeping green plant is Point Reyes Ceanothus, which has proved outstandingly useful to us. It seeks out all the spaces where weeds used to grow.


For some reason, not nearly as many apples (or plums) as last year. But some.


Might we get a second crop of raspberries?


And the incredible growing Eucalyptus. My husband is 6'4, so it's what, 10, 11 feet tall?


Here's the same plant in the back of our truck, standing just a couple feet high, on 9/2/07 -- less than a year ago.



Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'd forgotten about Via Tribunali. Looks like you're doing what you should be - and yes, just before your little one arrives is the strangest twilight time.

Our little guy was 10 days late, even though I was so sure he'd be early I stopped working a couple of weeks prior, which gave me way, way too much time. Just take it all one day at a time.

chuck b. said...

You had a truck?

How does the baby have two due dates? Does she have a grace period?

Ah, days of milling around, eating...sigh.

Daphne said...

I can't believe she's not here yet! I'm glad for selfish reasons that she waited, though. It was nice to see you last week.

Julie said...

Yeah, they give you a due date when you first find out you're pregnant, then they come up with another one based on the state of fetal development at the first ultrasound.

We have three vehicles, two of which (the Buick and the beater Toyota truck) were hand-me-down gifts. We don't put many miles on them, but they do come in handy.