Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Overcrowding in North End School

Funny story in today's P-I about overcrowding in North End grade schools. A school board member claims that he's encouraging creative solutions and that "everything is on the table" in terms of solving the problem.

However, nowhere in the lengthy story does anyone mention improving South End schools to help balance the demand. Just an idea (maybe a little too creative...)!

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LMM said...

I read this and thought the same thing- maybe if the south end schools were better... Seattle "school choice" is a mess. They have known for many years (+5) that enrollment is growing on the north end and still the school district cannot address a simple problem. My son is on a soccer team and most of the families are from Columbia City/Beacon/Mt Baker. Most of the boys attend Seattle schools- but with the "choice" option- many are attending north end alternative schools like Salmon Bay. There are 14 boys on the team and at least 5 are not attending Seattle public schools which comes to 35%.
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