Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Cleans Up Used Needles Near Grade Schools?

No one. A neighbor wrote to the Slumberland mailing list:

While waiting for the bus this morning (9-29-08) I saw an uncapped hypodermic needle laying on the grass at the 14th Ave S and S Hill bus stop. This bus stop is across the street from Beacon Hill International School.

I asked the bus driver to report the needle to Metro. When I got to my office I called the non-emergency police line, they said they would not stop by to pick it up nor could they do anything unless there was active drug activity. The officer referred me to the Health Dept, who also said they would not pick it up but suggested I dispose of it myself (no thank you). Sooooo after three reports (Metro, SPD, and Seattle Health) I do not know if the needle will be properly picked up and disposed. If any of you know who to call in the City please email me separately, this is not the first time I have seen needles at this bus stop.

Another neighbor has volunteered to pick up the needle with her sharps container. Thanks!


btm said...

I've been trying to get the SODO bicycle trail (along the light rail right of way) cleaned up for months now. A similar problem emerged where apparently it is nobodies responsibility.

Sam Star of the SDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program said, "Thanks for contacting us about the trash, water, and overgrown vegetation along your bike route. We'll take closer look at whose property it is and see if we can request that the appropriate property owners do a better job of cleaning up."

Apparently keeping bicycle trails clean is the responsibility of the property owners? It makes sense I suppose, after I found out that building sidewalks and maintaining them is the responsibility of the home owners, not the city.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on people, there aren't maids around to do all the dirty work. Sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Yes, it's unpleasant picking up used needles, used condoms, and human feces. But I've taken reasonable precautions and done it myself. Why? Because it's my neighborhood, and therefore it's my job to help take care of it.