Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Mama Review of Calamity Jane's

I promised this wouldn't become a baby blog, and I plan to keep that promise. But now that I have a 5-week-old infant, I'm seeing the world -- and, more to the point here, our neighborhood -- a little differently. From time to time, I'll share some of this new perspective with you. This may be of interest to those of you with infants, or who plan to have kids, and it's likely the rest of you won't give a damn. So it goes.

Calamity Jane's, the restaurant I frequented most frequently before I had the baby, is still my go-to restaurant now that I have an infant.

(I've also taken the baby to Stellar Pizza, Cutting Board, and Via Tribunali, and I keep meaning to go to Hangar Cafe. I'll probably write about those later. Smarty Pants, Nine Pound Hammer, Georgetown Liquor Company, and Jules Maes are totally off limits to minors, though.)

Reasons that Calamity Jane's is great for a mom with an infant:

1. The restaurant side is spacious and feels like it's connected to the happening bar side of things.

(As much as I love Stellar -- another great place to take kids -- I feel like a second-class citizen having to enter through and sit in the family ghetto side. Though as a solo adult, I love that the bar side of Stellar is blessedly kid-free!) The floor plan at Calamity Jane's makes it easy for grownups to feel like grownups even if they have to sit on the north side. You can sit down and still see the taps and bottles.

2. The long bench against the wall leaves plenty of room for stashing a diaper bag and Baby Bjorn and all that extra crap. Request to sit over there if they don't automatically put you there.

3. The happy hour menu is good in the restaurant as well as the bar. A buck off beers! Gyoza dumplings or johnny cakes with mozzarella and marinara or pork sliders for $3.88!

4. No one seems to pass judgment when Mom orders a lot of whiskey. (Hey, it was a long, liquor-free nine months of pregnancy.)

5. Sarah designed the women's bathroom specifically to accommodate easy diaper changing on the long stretch of counter between the sinks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise to bag my, um, garbage every time from now on. I'm prepared now.

6. People you've never met before coo over your baby and offer to take your family's photograph without prompting. Thank you! And thanks also to that friend of Holly and Kathy's who helped our old family friend Ann up the big step outside. And thanks also to our super-hot mama waitress, whose name I can't spell, for buying us a congratulatory drink. The folks at CJ's, both patrons and staff, are the best.



chuck b. said...

What a relief it must be to drink again! Nine months is a terribly long time.

JvA said...

Yeah -- drinking is fun.

I drank wine here and there when pregnant, but no hard liquor. I did miss the cocktails!

Anonymous said...

Yay for whiskey! Just think, now you can have a mint julep (or four) at our Derby party next year :)

We love CJ's, but Stellar's is better for us now that the boys are older. We take a few dollars worth of quarters when we go and turn them loose on the pinball machine, jukebox (jutebox? WTF? I don't even know), and photo booth. Dinner out with the kiddos has never been so enjoyable.

Beautiful photo, BTW!

uppergeorgetowner said...

Agree with you on Stellar, which is why I rarely go there anymore. My kid is 12 and plenty behaved enough to sit on the adult side, but the family side is out of control and way dirty compared to the other side. yuck.