Friday, October 17, 2008

Jungle Discussion, New Beacon Hill Blog

Craig Thompson recently sent the message atthe bottom of this post to the Slumberland neighborhood mailing list. It advertises the Oct. 21 Beacon Alliance of Neighbors meeting, where state and city reps will discuss the future of the Jungle.

Also, the automatically appended signature at the bottom of the mail advertises a new-ish neighborhood blog that the mailing list organizers have started up. That blog looks like it will be an excellent source of information about neighborhood events.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about whether I want to:

--change this blog's format (like the Capitol Hill and CD blogs) and try to ramp it up a little

--keep it a low-key, infrequently updated, personal blog with random pictures and commentary about how I happen to see the neighborhood while continuing to ignore most announcements I get about neighborhood events like pancake breakfasts and school performances and volunteer opportunities and all those other things that really do need some publicity

--put it to sleep while I raise my kid and go back to my full-time job

Here's Craig's message about the meeting and the sig with the link to the new blog:

Subject: [Beaconhill] Oct 21 7pm BAN Meeting - VIP speakers!

My friend Dean has organized this event - please consider coming.

Hi there,

Come meet with Washington State Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos and Lorena Eng of the Washington State Department of Transportation. We will discuss the future of the Jungle and the Washington State property along Beacon Hill. We will also have representatives from the City of Seattle Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Neighborhoods, and Mayor's office, plus directors from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and other involved non-profit agencies. The trail coordinators for King County and Seattle will also attend.

This will be an information-packed session with important stakeholders to discuss creating a permanent public safety solution for the East Duwamish Greenbelt, the Jungle, several city parks, and the neighborhoods along west Beacon Hill.

The meeting is this coming Tuesday, October 21, at Quarters 1, PacMed Campus, northwest corner of 14th Ave. S and South Judkins Street, at 7:00 PM.

(FYI, tomorrow, Friday, I'm going to get 50 flyers to Craig for the pancake event. If anyone can help pass them out, that would be great. Unfortunately, I have another volunteer commitment and can't attend the pancake event.)

Thank you,

Dean Olson
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Daphne said...

I vote for option "what works for you"--but #2 sounds good to me because it's what you've got going on and I like it. I get a window into the Beacon Hill community, your goings on and so forth, without being overwhelmed by news.

la dele said...

I think you should do what makes you happy and you have time for. I do enjoy popping over here to your blog to see your view of the the world. I vote for option #2... I like to look at pictures!

litlnemo said...

What la dele said. Do what makes you happy, but I admit I'd be sad if it was #3. :)

We basically decided to start ours because of a combination of things, one of which was my sudden unemployment (and, hence, more time to update a blog), along with the ongoing complaints by some mailing list folk who wanted a website to go to. Also, I missed working at a newspaper. :) But the more perspectives, the merrier. I love reading this blog and I do hope you continue!

tlp said...

Do what you need to - life sometimes demands a different path when you have a little one around.

That said, I enjoy greatly checking in and finding something new. It's interesting, often surprising, and always thought provoking. Please don't leave me with only my neighbor Mrs. Folino and her sky-is-falling view on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons!

Anonymous said...

Having a newborn turns your world upsidedown so I understand #3. But I would be very sad to see this go. I check in every week to see what's going on. Certainly do what makes you happy:)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you continue this blog, but your baby comes first! I read the Beacon Hill listserv but never post there - those people are way too thin-skinned and I get the impression the majority of the posters just sit back and wait for someone to post something so they can find offense in it and show others how self-righteous and PC they are. Like I said, I read most of it, but will not comment because I don't feel like seeing 25 finger-wagging posts in return.

I like the Rainier Valley Post! Amber does a great job, been enjoying the Bus Bitch's posts.

I think you're doing the best job of representing mid Beacon's concerns. I'd miss this if you quit, but totally understand! Babies are a lot more fun that blogging!

Anonymous said...

I too hope you are able to keep it going as it is now, if that works for you. I enjoy your photos, especially. We can get all the announcements over at the listserv.

The General said...

I agree with everyone who says "do whatever makes you happy." With our own baby set to arrive in about four weeks, I can only speculate how much of an effect that has on your ability to post regularly here.

Personally, I enjoy that your blog is more personal a perspective. I think that blogs like the one you linked to in this entry help cover the more traditional announcements, so I'd recommend focusing on just keeping your unique voice here. But, in the end of the day, its your call and you should do what makes you happiest!