Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NIMBYism in Southeast Seattle

A reader asked that I draw your attention to this very long, thoughtful, provocative blog entry about NIMBYism in Southeast Seattle.

When I attended my first Columbia City Community Council (CCCC) meeting last December, I was naive and unschooled in the tender mercies of neighborhood politics. Since then, I've been to meetings all around the Southeast District and made myself a student of the values, grievances, and vendettas that animate the committed core of residents who always show up.

I have been surprised and troubled to find that, in a community famed for its ethnic, racial, and income diversity, one narrow worldview prevails among the small group of people who represent themselves as the leaders of South Seattle. Do you know what your local neighborhood activist is saying about you?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to that blog. It captured some of the drama of the SE!

Edward B said...

The Neighborhood Update Plan is activating downtown. For those of you who are ready the new NPAC is working to get information out to the neighborhoods about the coming update plans.

I am one of the SE District reps (Edward Hill) and I have the following blog for the distribution of information:

COALITION time...minimize drama, correct our mistakes, move on the future, include everyone...

concernedmom said...

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