Sunday, November 2, 2008

"First Seattle Shooting Homicide Since April"?

A sloppy new P-I story dated November 2 says the county medical examiner stated that there were no shooting homicides in Seattle between April and October. It was sloppy of the reporters not to check the truth behind the statement (and sloppy of them and/or the editors to refer to October as "earlier this month"):

Seattle police also are searching for the person who killed Corey E. Trainer, a 22-year-old found shot to death earlier this month in North Seattle.

Trainer's death was the first Seattle shooting homicide since April, according to the medical examiner's office.

Hmm. The P-I itself ran this story on August 6: "Teen shot to death in Seattle."

And this one on September 11: "Homeless man found shot to death near I-5."

I'm not sure why the medical examiner would say that there haven't been any shooting homicides since April. And I really don't know why the reporters and editors would repeat that bullshit claim without checking their own recent papers first.

It's a good thing Amber Campbell at the Rainier Valley Post is keeping track of all the South End shootings for us. I'll be interested in seeing how her records match up with the police/mayor's numbers (which will just be lazily parroted without question by the mainstream media, who won't even bother checking their own archives) at the end of the year.


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tlp said...

Apparently if you live (or die) in the South End, the newspaper can't figure out how to locate us. Or give us accurate reporting. I'm highly tempted to send them my custom print Kroll map to pin on their wall.

And what on earth is the medical examiner talking about? There have been two shooting deaths in my mostly quiet neighborhood between April and October.

Chris said...

I think the April mistake was pretty quickly edited to read September. Why not just take the sentence out. GOing four or five weeks without a shooting death seems to fall close enough to the average rate to make it not worthy of reporting.

That 911 blog on the PI is always full of errors and gets corrected without a remark. My favorite incident was a recent entry about cutting short on traffic circles. THe recent entry states it is illegal but a previous PI article states it is legal, which it is. There was a 911 blog entry a few days ago that stated it was not advisable, but legal, to move a parked scooter or motorcycle. THe entry was edited once someone figured out that this was actually illegal now, following a city council resolution. These aren't incredibly important issues relative to homicide statistics, just an indication of bad reporting.