Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not Enough Trashy TV in the South End

Because Netflix has it listed as a "long wait," I just went out to the Hollywood Video north of Columbia City to get the first disc of "The Tudors: Season 2," which came out yesterday.

Yeah, I know it's totally trashy -- the perfect thing to watch during the cold, dark, rainy end of my maternity leave.

But the store manager said they didn't have the Tudors. She said people ask for it, but corporate doesn't send it to them. I asked where the next nearest Hollywood was, and I forgot whether she said 23rd or Rainier Beach, but I do remember that she said that that store wouldn't have it either.

It's not like it's an obscure title, and it's not like they're a small store. They carry thousands and thousands of titles, but not the No. 4 bestselling DVD at Amazon and one of the top-requested titles at Netflix.

I could have tried Blockbuster, but, oh yeah, the South End doesn't have any. And Beacon Hill doesn't have any (English-language) video stores at all, and Georgetown doesn't either.

Oh well.


btm said...

From Georgetown we usually go the Hollywood Video on Rainier, failing that north to 23rd and Jackson.

Once we set out in the car with google maps to find the nearest blockbuster. This lead us to a Blockbuster office on Harbor Island and a Blockbuster warehouse in South Park before finally ending at a real store in West Seattle.

litlnemo said...

We TiVoed it... I think we might actually still have it. :) If my house wasn't such a mess I would say, come on over and watch!

The historical (and costume) inaccuracies drive me nuts, but it was pretty good TV anyway.

Do you think that Hollywood Video doesn't carry it at all, or that they just don't think South Seattle folks would be interested?

And does the Seattle Public Library have it? You could get on the list for it there. Might be faster than Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Blockbuster is owned by right wing extremists and shouldn't be getting your business anyways. Next closest Hollywood video is at 23rd and jackson.

JvA said...

My husband rented it at a suburban video store near his work. It'll be quick to get the other discs on Netflix; there's only ever a long wait for the first disc in any series.

I didn't check SPL. I've never been in the first 20-30 people for any new-ish release -- DVD or book.

OK, yes, the next-nearest Hollywood is just north of Jackson on 23rd in the Central District.

So I guess that makes the Rainier Hollywood the only single video store in all of South Seattle? Wow.

And yes, I'm guessing that the reason Hollywood corporate headquarters doesn't send the bestselling Tudors series to its Rainier Valley or Central District stores is because it assumes that the demographic isn't interested.

I guess there's no use complaining, since brick-and-mortar DVD rental is a dying business model anyway. I would have paid for a stream on Amazon, had one been available. I forgot to check iTunes -- duh.

cirocco said...

If trash TV is what you want, you can watch "Rock of Love," on the VH1 website. Not that I spent all day yesterday doing that or anything.

chuck b. said...

Okay, we tried watching this show, Season 1, because, and only because, you said it was trashy and not good...(I think after we told you we liked The Other Boleyn Girl. I think.) Anyway, we couldn't get in to it.

You're just not even going to bother with Project Runway, are you?

Did you know This American Life is now a serial on Showtime and you can get the first "season" on DVD? It's not the kind of trash you need right now, snowed in and frozen, but it's v. watchable. I'm sure you already knew.

I like to turn on all the Wriggly Scott videos at once on your Flickr page.

Anonymous said...

Red Apple has a small video selection for $1 a night, and it gives out coupons. It likely doesn't have The Tudors, but it is a closer option to going to Hollywood Video, just in general.