Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seattle Homicides in 2008

If Seattle loses one of its dailies in 2009, please, God, let it be the Seattle Times.

As far as I can tell, the Times website still doesn't have anything about the neo-Nazi incident in the U-District last night, in which officers shot and killed an armed man in a German military uniform. Instead, they're leading with their continued punishment of the mayor ("Nickels revises salt policy, admits mistakes") and dumb fluff like "Turns out resolutions aren't empty promises." Yawn.

Meanwhile, the P-I already has a lengthy story about the crazy-scary neo-Nazi incident. And Casey McNerthney has a story about the homicides in Seattle in 2008, along with a list of the victims and the circumstances of their deaths.

Later this month when the police come out with their press release about last year's crime, we'll be able to match the numbers with the names. Thanks, P-I.


btm said...

"crazy-scary neo-Nazi incident."

Do you mean this sarcastically? Has the story been edited since you last read it? In multiple places the story clearly states that the man who died wasn't in to Nazism in any way other than collecting old clothes. It's tragic really. Perhaps the police responded with too much force, but there's no reason to be carrying a rifle around on New Years Eve. It's a plain bad idea and unsafe.

Salt-gate just pisses me off. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget that there are unreasonable people out there. Seattle media makes it hard to though. Sensationalism instead of factual research and reporting is shameful. I support your hope that the times dies off.

JvA said...

I haven't edited it.

It was being reported as a neo-Nazi incident at the time of posting, which is listed above. I know the story has changed since then.

I think my leaving the post alone serves as its own valuable counterpoint -- that maybe the media shouldn't try to be so quick to report news when they don't yet have all the facts.

However, the Seattle Times still sucks.)

btm said...

I meant the story at the PI being changed.

Yes, it's totally annoying when they edit stories over time and don't indicate the changes.

JvA said...

And, yes, I agree that the story is very sad.

However, celebratory gunfire in an urban neighborhood is dumb. And pointing a gun at police and refusing to drop it when they ask is even dumber. I wonder if he was drunk, drunk enough to risk his life without fully knowing it, like the guy who vomited and stumbled around I-5 a couple hours later.

If it all went down the way the cops say it did, then I don't blame them for shooting him.

JvA said...

Yep -- the story has been edited, definitely.

There's an update note at the top -- "Last updated January 1, 2009 10:25 p.m. PT."

Anonymous said...

The PI is up for sale now :-(

Another Michael said...

Cripes. And the Times will be crying for bailout money all the while fighting that horrible Estate Tax.