Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Beacon Hill Shooting

The 38-year-old victim was sitting on his front porch late last night near 14th and Ferdinand -- a few blocks from McPherson's -- when two men in a silver Cadillac stopped, got out and shot at him. He was taken to Harborview, where his non-life-threatening shoulder wound was treated. Gang unit detectives are investigating.

You'll find this story (without many more details) in the Times under a "South Seattle" headline and in the P-I under "Rainier Valley."


Anonymous said...

I'd call it "South Seattle," too, which is more apt of a locator than "Rainier Valley." "South Seattle" is not inaccurate. "Rainier Valley" is.

JvA said...

Hmm. Yes, I suppose "South Seattle" is not inaccurate, just as "the Pacific Northwest" and "North America" would not have been inaccurate either.

But other Seattle neighborhoods (including smaller ones) get mentioned by name in Times local news headlines all the time. Examples from the last 10 pages of search on their website:

Couple identified in West Seattle murder-suicide

Doctor critically hurt in Belltown attack

Link between West Seattle, I-5 to be expanded

Raccoon causes power outage in Ballard

Fire destroys South Seattle home

Central Area fight erupts; shot leaves 1 teen critically injured

Teen shot in Central Area

Central Area fight erupts; shot leaves 1 teen injured

Queen Anne condo manager accused of stealing from neighbors

Tow-truck driver dies in Magnolia after flatbed truck rolls over him

Body found crushed under truck in Magnolia

Anonymous said...

You should contact the Metro editor then: Mark Higgins
Metro Editor
(206) 515-5638
He's a nice guy; at least he could pass your concerns on to the news copy desk and perhaps they could offer you an explanation. They may have been told to use that wording; still, it's not misleading or incorrect. "Rainier Valley," yes - geographically wrong...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, South Seattle is fine. I would rather not have Beacon Hill associated with such horrible news.